What is natural calf augmentation?

What is natural calf augmentation?

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Natural calf augmentation is a procedure that Dr. Leonard Grossman invented in 1995. Dr. Leonard Grossman is a plastic surgeon who practices in New York and specializes in performing fat transfer and grafting using his technique he developed in 1993 and has achieved revolutionary and unprecedented results for his patients as well as unrivaled experience alike. There are two part to performing natural calf augmentation procedure. These two parts are as follows:

Part One

The first part of the procedure is similar to a liposuction procedure where fat is removed by means of a low vacuum liposuction device from the areas where fat suitable for transfer is not wanted by the patient.

Part Two

The second part of the procedure involves processing and cleaning the fat to make sure that the patient’s own stem cells are preserved and are alive. This is accomplished by stabilizing the obtained harvest and then transferring the harvest by means of specialized blunt tip cannula into the area where this mixture of fat and stem cells is wanted. In this particular procedure, it is the calf area as well as the ankle that are the recipient site. With natural calf augmentation procedure, patients are able to obtain any shape to their calves and ankle while having no visible scarring.

Who is a candidate for natural calf augmentation? Potential candidates are people who have the desire to see an improvement in the shape and size of their legs as well as people who desire greater calf musculature or people who simply want to get rid of their skinny “chicken legs”.

How do I know if I am a candidate for natural calf augmentation?

In order to be a candidate for this procedure, you must not only be unhappy with your legs, but also have a sufficient amount of transfer-friendly fat which can be utilized for fat grafting. Not all fat tissues are alike therefore an evaluation by a plastic surgeon is absolutely necessary before undergoing or deciding to undergo such a procedure. If you think you fit the description of a potential candidate for having the natural calf augmentation procedure in NYC, you should definitely consider contacting Dr. Grossman at your earliest convenience.

How long does calf augmentation procedure take?

Once a very complicated and long procedure, calf augmentation using fat can now be performed by Dr. Grossman in just under one and half hours. As soon as the patients are finished with surgery, they are usually wide awake and having a cup of tea within just five minutes. The patient’s normally leave the clinic after this surgery just 20 to 30 minutes following the completion of their surgery. The patients can walk immediately on their own even though they will feel temporary stiffness in their calf muscles. Patients who have the desire to work-out and develop even larger calves in the future, are encouraged to bring that fact to Dr. Grossman’s attention and he will use more stem cells placed into the muscle which can then respond to strenuous exercise with significant muscle growth.

What are the pros to Natural Calf augmentation?

The most common advantage to performing natural calf augmentation is that a patient does not have to have artificial products placed into their body such as silicone or Gortex implants which require a three to four-inch incision in the back of their leg. Natural Calf augmentation allows patients to change the shape of their leg in any area of the leg they desire. This cannot be achieved with an implant of any type or size. Another advantage to having this procedure performed is that the patients have no visible scars, there are just tiny needle holes where the tiny cannula is placed. An additional advantage is that the patients recover from this procedure far quicker than when they opt to have traditional calf implants. Most of Dr. Grossman’s patients are able to return to work the very next day following the procedure.

What are the disadvantages of natural calf augmentation?

There is only one disadvantage to having natural calf augmentation and that is that the patient must have a sufficient amount of obtainable and useful fat which can be processed for fat grafting.

What makes Dr. Grossman different from other doctors in New York and world-wide who are able to perform natural calf augmentation?

With experience of performing Natural Calf Augmentation since 1995, Dr. Grossman has reached the point where his patients retain nearly 100% of transferred fat, whereas the majority of other doctors will tell you that you will most likely lose 80% of the fat which has been grafted into the lower leg area.

Now, if you live in New York or anywhere else for that matter and are interested learning more about the most natural, reliable, and consistently reproducible results in calf augmentation, don’t wait to call Dr. Leonard Grossman today at 212-585-2133.

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