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At his New York clinic, Dr Leonard Grossman offers the latest, least invasive body procedures available. His reputation as a leading plastic surgeon means you know he will give you a highly professional consultation before recommending the most appropriate and effective treatment for you. Take a look at his range of body procedures below.

Including the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and hip augmentation, Dr Grossman’s favoured method of treatment is the fat grafting/transfer method. Dr Grossman pioneered and has been using this procedure for over two decades where he gently removes fat and stem cells from the areas where it’s unwanted and after cleansing and preparation, he transfers it to other areas such as the hips and and buttocks. This surgery is minimally invasive and has almost bruising, scarring and a short recuperation time. In many cases, patients are carrying out their usual everyday activities within 24 hours.
In patients who do not have extra fat for BBL, Dr Grossman uses the filler Sculptra to create fuller and sexier buttocks and rounder hips.

If you’re looking for liposuction to remove fat from your flanks, ankles or abdomen, Dr Grossman will perform this surgery with minimal incisions and without the use of general anaesthetic. This ensures you don’t suffer from typical post-op sickness and he can be sure you are happy with the results before you leave the clinic.

Etching uses microcannula liposuction to create muscle definition and tone in the desired places, usually the abdomen, chest and arms. This is a sought-after treatment for those looking for a more athletic and toned appearance which they have not been able to achieve through exercise or other conventional methods.

Other available surgeries include labiaplasty to reduce the size or shape of the labia. Hair restoration is something that Dr Grossman has been performing for over 20 years and with an advent of Neo-Graft technology, patients can have a head full of hair without any visible scars. Dr Grossman treats hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) with either Botox injections or selective ultrasound and suction treatments.. Dr Grossman also offers fat grafting for bowed and skinny lower (chicken) legs, which produces permanent and natural results.
Many of Dr Grossman’s patients benefit from the use of J-Plasma also known as Renuvion skin tightening treatment. This can be used as a stand-alone treatment for overall skin and tissue rejuvenation but the mix of cold, ionized helium helps with other treatments to target the energy to specific areas, ensuring that the area being treated does not raise in temperature during the procedure. This reduces or eliminates bruising and tissue trauma. J-Plasma is also used as the most effective skin resurfacing for the face and helps patients with severe wrinkles or acne.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, one of world’s most respected and renowned plastic surgeons, is ready to talk with you and answer all of your questions.


On the other hand, if pulling on your cheek makes you look different from when you were young, then what you need is a Revolumization procedure or Fat Grafting/Transfer, where some of your unwanted fat elsewhere on the body is removed and then placed into the cheeks.

Another group of patients that benefits from Fat Transfer are patients who have never really had much of the cheek to start with.

If you are lacking good quality fat or just don’t want Fat Grafting, then temporary or long lasting fillers may do the job for you. With Dr. Grossman using fillers is easy and painless, the procedure takes approximately 10 minutes after which most people can return to normal their lifestyle the very same day.

The above procedures elevate cheeks, creating youthful fullness while also providing support to the lower eyelids and getting rid of the “tired eyes” look. The procedure is quick, painless and the results are permanent, when done by Dr. Grossman.

Dr. Grossman was the first American Plastic Surgeon to be using Restylane, Juvederm and Sculptra and many other fillers, with thousands of patients benefiting from the experience only Dr. Grossman has.

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