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Labia are the lips or the skin folds in front of the vagina. Labia Minora or the inner lips of the vagina come in variety of shapes and sizes. It is common for the right and left sides of Labia Minora to be of different shape and size. However, the most symmetric labia are seen as being more beautiful by many and the shorter labia are perceived as being more youthful in appearance. The same appears to hold true for the Labia Majora or the outer vaginal lips. Many women feel that the fullness of the Labia Majora disappears with age making them look “deflated and old”.

Many women are born with these lips being of significantly different size and shape, becoming a point of ridicule and discomfort for some female patients.

With internet being so widely used, it did not take long for women to see other women’s private parts and realize that they in fact like “someone else’s presentation” better than their own.

NYC Labiaplasty is a procedure that involves changing the size and or shape of the Labia Minora and or Labia Majora.

This procedure has gained much popularity in the last few years, as it has gotten a great deal of media attention and the demand for the procedure has risen dramatically once some of the celebrities have admitted to having had the procedure. The most common reasons for the reduction of Labia Minora are: painful or uncomfortable sexual intercourse, unattractive appearance and asymmetry, interference with physical exercise or activity, inability to wear certain clothing items as the labia protrude secondary to their size.

Frequently, Labia Minora reduction is combined with Clitoral Hood Reduction. In many patients Clitoral hood reduction can result in the enhancement of sexual pleasure. One of the commonly performed procedures that go along with Labia Minora reduction is the procedure of creating fuller Labia Majora through the patients’ own Fat Grafting, as this is perceived by many as being more youthful looking.

Procedure of Labia Reduction can be performed under local anesthesia and or combination of Intravenous twilight anesthesia.

The shape and size of the labia is usually discussed in advance, so that there is a positive outcome of the procedure.

Postoperatively there is minimal discomfort with some swelling of the labia that resolves within days , but may last up to weeks.

Sexual relations may be resumed within three to four weeks postoperatively.

The majority of patients find this to be a very gratifying procedure.

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