New York City Body and Facial Plastic Surgery

If you’re looking for proven procedures from one of the most well respected plastic surgeons in the New York area, look no further, Dr Leonard Grossman would be happy to help. He benefits from a formidable reputation for body and facial plastic surgery, including being a pioneer of stem cell fat transfer or grafting: an advanced facial surgery process which results in patients looking noticeably younger, without the “wind tunnel” look which can frequently be the result of using traditional facelift techniques. Committed to offering patients the very best treatment possible, using Dr Grossman’s clinic offers a number of advantages.

Ambulatory surgery minimizes downtime and infection risks 

Like many other procedures performed at the clinic, facial plastic surgery is completed using a local anesthetic and/or intravenous sedation as required. The procedure is performed with the patient sitting up: this not only ensures the best aesthetic results, it also helps the patient towards a faster, more comfortable recovery and less swelling. Downtime following procedures is fairly minimal: patients go home the same day as their surgery and most return to work the day after. They are normally recovered enough to start back at the gym after five days and are back to swimming within a week!

Not only does ambulatory surgery facilitate faster recovery, it also reduces the chances of infection, as patients are spending minimal time in close proximity to one another and only healthy patients are treated at the clinic. A hospital stay also comes at a high price, so ambulatory surgery also frequently gives patients the results they’re looking at a much lower cost.

Experienced provider of New York facial plastic surgery

Treatment at the surgery center is confidential, discreet and delivered by a professional team who are dedicated to ensuring the patient’s experience is as good as it can be. Get in touch to find out more about New York facial plastic surgery and the benefits which it may bring.

About The Surgery Center

New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman performs all of his procedures at the new, state-of-the-art, Joint Commission Accredited Surgery Center: New York Center For Plastic Surgery which is located at 3039 Emmons Avenue.  There are three fully-equipped operating rooms on the first floor and a full-service spa on the second floor.  The surgical staff associated with Dr. Grossman is highly trained to handle all of your needs.  From Botox and Restylane, to breast augmentation, face lifts and tummy tucks, you are well taken care of in a private, comfortable atmosphere.  If you have any special needs, NYC Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Grossman and his staff will be happy to assist you and help meet these needs.

Having your procedure performed in a private, outpatient (accredited, ambulatory) facility, not only offers convenience and confidentiality, but also helps lower costs and any chance of infection for you, the patient.  Our facility has passed and maintains strict requirements for your medical needs in the event of an emergency.  Your safety is our highest priority.

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New York Center for Plastic Surgery