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Plastic Surgery in the 21st Century: No Longer Just Cosmetic

Both women and men around the country turn to plastic surgery when they wish to improve  or enhance an area on their body they are not 100% content with. Plastic surgery in NY is at an all-time high, with individuals of all ages and backgrounds requesting an array of different procedures, from invasive to non-invasive. Though a large number of patients seek cosmetic surgery solely for aesthetic purposes, what many don’t realize is that an increasing number of patients are hoping to improve a medical condition through their sought out treatments.

Procedures like Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, and even Botox have been around for many years, but it’s only recently that the medical benefits of cosmetic surgery are being highlighted. Known as reconstructive plastic surgery, these treatments offer a chance to reduce painful symptoms along with increasing an individual’s self esteem. Let’s explore these benefits in greater detail.

Medical Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

Nearly every cosmetic surgery procedure can provide medical and health benefits to patients. Rhinoplasty, for example, can not only improve the symmetry and balance between a patient’s facial features, but it can also make a world of difference for patients suffering from poor air movement or breathing as in displaced nasal bones after a nasal fracture or enlarged turbinates. The surgery will allow these patients to breathe easier and stop suffering from congestion, sinus pain and being tired easily while exercising.

Studies have shown that Scarless Breast Reduction Surgery , one of the procedures performed  by  Dr. Grossman, has numerous benefits. The treatment can reduce back, neck and shoulder pain associated from the weight of large breasts, improve circulation, decrease stress on shoulder and improve breast skin, among several others.

Liposuction, which in patients eliminates excess fat that has not responded to traditional and healthy diet or exercise, has been shown to reduce high blood pressure and heart disease associated with excess amounts of body fat. Not only does the procedure result in a much improved physique, but it may allow patients who have been struggling with heart disease the opportunity to regain their health.

Even Botox, a popular treatment which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, has numerous health benefits. Botox injections have been shown to reduce migraine and tension headache symptoms and are now FDA approved for migraine treatment. Botox has also been effectively administered to reduce excessive sweating and arthritis symptoms, to treat overactive bladder issues, to improve mobility in stroke patients, and has even been used with patients suffering from multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries to reduce painful symptoms. Dr. Grossman also uses Botox as a non-invasive reduction of very large cheeks (muscles of chewing) and excessively large calves. Patients who receive complete facial treatments by Dr. Grossman claim to have less stress in life and feel less depressed.

These days, plastic surgery offers not only cosmetic benefits, but endless medical improvements for patients suffering from a wide range of symptoms. If you have considered treating a condition with a surgical, minimally invasive or non-invasive cosmetic procedure, Dr. Leonard Grossman is here to help you. With decades of experience treating patients seeking both aesthetic and health benefits, Dr. Grossman is the plastic surgeon in NY to turn to for exceptional results.

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