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Dr Leonard Grossman has a reputation for being one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in New York and the US. In 1995 he was singled out by the FDA to be one of the select few allowed to proceed with research and development of the new silicone breast implant. He has carried out over 7,000 breast augmentation procedures with implants without a single case of infection and a capsular contracture rate of less than 0.01%.

If you have unwanted fat anywhere on the body and desire an increase of 1 to 1.5 cup sizes then breast augmentation with fat is highly recommended, and is a technique pioneered by Dr Grossman himself. If a patient has unwanted fat in areas like the waist, stomach and hips, these fat and stem cells can be removed, cleaned and chemically stabilised for transfer to the breast.

The procedure of fat grafting/transfer to the breasts is extremely effective and Dr Grossman’s patients retain 80 to 100% of fat. The procedure does not only improve the size and appearance of your breasts, but it also improves the proportions of your body through carefully performed liposuction. Dr Grossman’s patients can be on the beach in just a week following fat grafting.

For patients who desire breast augmentation of more than 1.5 cup sizes and have no extra fat, either the saline or silicone implant is recommended. Saline is likely to be the preferred option as the risks of capsular contractures are much lower.
TUBA (Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation) uses and tiny 1 cm incision in the depth of the belly button to place a saline filled implant under the muscle on the chest wall, resulting i a very natural outcome with a much easier recovery. Dr Grossman is on of the hand-full of plastic surgeons in the world who has been performing this type of breast augmentation since 1996. With TUBA surgery patients can have any size of breast implants.

Both of these types of implants require incisions. Silicone implants will require an additional cost for an MRI scan every 3 years to test for any rupture or issues, as this cannot be identified by touch alone.

Whatever your desire and preferences, the best breast augmentation surgeon at our New York clinic will recommend the least invasive and most appropriate approach in breast augmentation to meet your needs. We will involve you in all aspects of the decision making through an individualised approach to your care and treatment. Contact us today to arrange a consultation with the very best breast augmentation surgeon New York has to offer.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, one of world’s most respected and renowned plastic surgeons, is ready to talk with you and answer all of your questions.


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