Calf and Ankle Liposuction/ Reduction

Calf and Ankle Liposuction/ Reduction

Calf and Ankle liposuction is a popular procedure especially among women who have little or no definition between the calf and ankle areas otherwise known as cankles. In this group of patients the legs look more like the legs of an elephant and lack the inverted bottle neck appearance that is common to the more attractive legs. Many of these women are too embarrassed to wear shorts or skirts and are simply not aware of the treatment that is available to them.

This condition is easily remedied with ankle liposuction, but as easy as it sounds, only a handful of plastic surgeons in NYC dare to perform this procedure or get good results.

With Dr. Grossman’s approach to  this type of liposuction procedure, extremely small cannulas are used as not to leave any noticeable scarring. Dr. Grossman’s patients can go to work just two days later with minimal or no post-op discomfort. There are no visible scars on the legs where people might see them. No pressure garments are needed. You can work out at the gym in just three days. Going to the beach and open water swimming is OK in about one week.

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