Calf Augmentation with Fat
Calf Augmentation with Fat | Pectoral Implants | Dr Grossman

Calf Augmentation with Fat

Calf Augmentation using Fat Grafting  or Fat Transfer Technique (Calf Augmentation with Fat) has been performed by Dr. Grossman since 1995 with great success in both, men and women.

This procedure for calf augmentation is used to build structure anywhere in the lower portion of the leg. It is ideal for individuals whose legs look too thin, out of proportion, “bowlegged”, after cerebral palsy, polio, arthritis or any kind of trauma or asymmetry.

Many such people are being called “chicken legs” or “skinny legs”, as they have small calves or appear to have bowed legs. The insults some people hear, prevent them from enjoying life by going to the beach, wearing shorts or skirts. Patients are also perceived being bow legged when the shin or the ankle is very thin and this creates improper proportions in the lower portion of the leg. Placing calf silicone implants does NOT help in this situation and in fact makes the problem even more noticeable.

Dr. Grossman performs his proprietary Fat Grafting procedure by removing fat from one or more areas on the body by means of a syringe and a very small cannula (needle) and then, by means of injection, adding fat cells mixed with the patient’s own stem cells to the area of the leg where volume and muscle mass is lacking. This procedure for calf augmentation with fat produces improved balance and better proportions to the legs with permanent results and without scars.

This procedure is superior to the silicone calf implants in many ways: there are no scars, no difficulty in walking, minimal discomfort, rapid return to work, placement of the fat can be done to any area of the leg, chance of infection is almost nil, bleeding is almost nonexistent, no displacement of the fat is ever noted as compared to the calf implants, which can become displaced and show through the skin.


Fat Calf Augmentation allows women to wear skirts, which they could not have done before. Men will wear shorts without the fear of having skinny legs.

Many patients can return to work the very next day with no or minimal discomfort requiring no post-operative pain medications in the majority of patients.

The gym is allowed in just 7 days and being on the beach and swimming is OK in about one week.

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Calf Augmentation with Fat | Pectoral Implants | Dr Grossman

Calf Augmentation with Fat

Calf Augmentation With Fat was invented, developed and perfected by Dr. Leonard Grossman in 1995. From 1995 to 2023 Dr. Grossman, as the only plastic surgeon to offer such a procedure, has performed over 4,000 Calf Augmentation procedures with nearly 100% of graft-take.

The procedure of Calf Augmentation with Fat Grafting or Fat Transfer is used to build structure anywhere below the knees. The procedure of Calf Augmentation with Fat in New York City is ideal for individuals whose legs look too thin or not proportionate to the rest of their body.

This procedure can also correct bow leggedness, deformity after cerebral palsy or club foot surgery, as well as polio, arthritis, spine injury, or any kind of trauma or asymmetry in the legs.

Many of the individuals needing this procedure are being called “chicken legs” because they have smaller or uneven, lower legs. Some of the insults these people endure prevent them from enjoying life to the fullest – going to the beach, wearing shorts or skirts. Many such patients are also perceived as being bow legged, when the shin, or the ankle is very thin, or lacking inner calf muscle, which in turn creates improper proportions of the lower legs.

Calf augmentation with fat in NYC may be the absolute best procedure when it comes to Augmentation of the lower legs. There are many advantages and practically no disadvantages to this procedure as compared with Calf Augmentation using Implants.

With the placement of silicone implants:

  • Patients are frequently incapacitated for weeks.
  • they receive long scars that are permanent.
  • Implants may be deficient in size due to the limitations of such a procedure.
  • Calf silicone implants are usually too short and cannot go into the ankle area to produce optimal results.

Fat grafting, on the other hand, can address any area of the face or body, from the head to the little toe. Small or large amounts of fat can be injected into just about anywhere as long as the skin stretch allows for it. When Dr. Grossman performs fat transfer to the calf area, not only is the amount of fat under the skin increased, but the muscle size is also increased, through the process of injecting patients with their own stem cells. Only after the procedure of fat/stem cell transfer, can a patient start working out and see their calves actually grow in size, unlike with any other procedure.

The only limitation of calf augmentation through fat grafting is the amount of good fat available, and the stretchability of the skin in the area where fat is being injected. In many patients, the fat doesn’t just go into the calf, but into the ankle area creating improved proportions and harmony.

With the procedure of fat transfer to the calves:

  • Patients can walk immediately after, with mild tightness in the calf area. This tightness goes away in a matter of days.
  • Most patients after such a procedure with Dr. Grossman are able to return to work the very next day.
  • Patients can resume strenuous exercise in 10 days, in order to stimulate calf muscle growth.

The results of calf augmentation by means of fat transfer are completely permanent and natural with no objectionable scarring on the leg. In patients who desire to have an extreme increase in calf size, the procedure may be repeated. 

Before After

Dr. Grossman will perform fat harvesting from an area of the body where the fat is rich in stem cells. The fat will be centrifuged and processed in order to create the best mixture for transfer. The fat will then be injected into the calves using a small cannula through a needle hole making this procedure practically scarless.

Absolutely NOT. Weight gain increases the size of the fat cells and NOT the number of cells. While the numbers of cells available for fat transfer are the same, the effect of weight gain results in unnecessary stretching of skin and aging of the individual.

Dr. Grossman does not use General Anesthesia, he prefers a very short-acting IV sedation and local anesthesia for this type of procedure. This way, the patients don’t feel any pain and have nothing but a pleasant memory and an easy recovery.

Dr. Grossman’s advanced technique allows for the procedure to take approximately 90 minutes.

NO, Dr. Grossman, from his extensive experience, feels that drains lead to unnecessary infections and compression garments only slow down the healing process.

When Dr. Grossman performs fat grating, patients have minimal discomfort and can walk immediately. Even though the patients feel good enough to start working out almost the next day, Dr. Grossman recommends waiting for 10 days before strenuous exercise is resumed.

When Dr. Grossman performs Calf Augmentation with Fat, the results are permanent and extremely natural.

You may travel the very next day after your procedure with Dr. Grossman

Should you be interested in Calf Augmentation with the most natural and permanent results, minimal scars, and easy recovery, schedule your consultation with Dr. Leonard Grossman in person or virtually.

Clinics in New York City are offering blepharoplasty surgery to help treat eye conditions, helping patients to regain their natural looks and get their confidence back. Blepharoplasty has an enormous impact on our patient’s well-being since the eyes really are the windows to the soul and balancing features of the face and through the effects of the surgery help bring improved proportions back and significantly alter the whole look of an individual’s facial structure.

Blepharoplasty surgery is an innovative eye treatment that can treat both upper and lower lids. Whether you have excess skin or fat around your eyes our NY clinic can help you feel your best again.

Before blepharoplasty NYC patients often complained of excess skin on their upper lids and/or excess fat on the under eye area. The aim at Dr. Grossman’s clinic is to remove both of these conditions in the least invasive way possible in order to avoid or minimise any scarring. One such benefit of the treatment is the minimal discomfort felt after the procedure. Patients reporting no or minimal discomfort are able to go about their day with the use of mild painkillers such as Tylenol. Patients can quickly return to their lives as usual, not feeling self-conscious about just having had an eyelift surgery.

Blepharoplasty eyelid lift surgery before and after pictures show how the excess skin or fat has been removed while also making any necessary repairs to the muscle and tightening the area. In addition, if your aim of having surgery is to re-balance and bring your face back into proportion, then you can easily have other procedures such as fat grafting carried out in the facial and neck area alongside the blepharoplasty treatment at our NYC clinic.

Blepharoplasty, also known as an eye lift, is a procedure that addresses upper and/or lower eyelid problems. The problems with eye lids may be of genetic or hereditary origin, associated with illness or just plain process of aging. In most cases for the upper lids, the excess skin is removed. If excess fat is present, it too may be removed and the muscle may be tightened and repaired. The procedure is relatively painless and produces a better defined upper eye lid crease with minimal scarring.

In lower lid surgery, it is the bags under the eyes that are most commonly addressed. These fatty deposits can be either removed through the inside of the eye lid with no visible scarring at all or in conjunction with lower eyelid skin tightening procedure at the same time. Scarring is minimal and not readily visible.

Both eye lid procedures are done with minimal or no post-operative discomfort and have a relatively short recuperative period. Either procedure produces better balance and proportions to the eye area.

Blepharoplasty can be combined with a face lift, neck lift or fat grafting procedures which further lead to improved balance and better proportions. There is rarely any discomfort after blepharoplasty and the great majority of our patients return to work if they want to the very next day.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, one of world’s most respected and renowned plastic surgeons, is ready to talk with you and answer all of your questions.


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