Radiesse Injections in New York

Radiesse is one of many fillers, which can be considered to be semi-permanent when properly injected by a well trained plastic surgeon like Dr. Leonard Grossman. This filler is designed to be injected deep and as close to the bone as possible as it may become like bone and creates near permanent corrections in the face or in many places on the body.

Examples include: creation of cheeks, chin, improved and straighter nose, improved and straighter mandible line and angle. Radiesse can be used to create fuller brows and to fill in the soft tissue defects as in the naso-labial and oromandibular folds and prejawl hollows. Radiesse can also be used in creating more youthful hands in patients who do not wish to have fat grafting.

When done by Dr. Grossman, the procedure takes anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes with minimal if any discomfort.

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