Dr. Leonard Grossman Offers Cutting-Edge Alternatives to Face Lifts, tummy tucks, and arm lifts.
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Brooklyn, NEW YORK. Facial sagging skin, thick leathery skin wrinkles, a double chin, or unsightly liver spots on your face? Considering a facelift, but want to explore other, less invasive options? Dr. Leonard Grossman is a New York City plastic surgeon who has been offering breakthrough and cutting-edge technologies in plastic surgery for many years. One of Dr. Grossman’s latest offerings is Renuvion skin and tissue tightening. This cutting-edge procedure, also known as J-Plasma, offers patients an alternative to the facelift procedure, giving patients who want to get rid of their double chin, saggy skin, or unsightly liver spots and wrinkles an alternative to the facelift procedure. Renuvion also offers an alternative to acne scar removal options.

When it comes to aging of the face sagging skin is one of the primary patient complaints. Skin wrinkles and laxity can create the appearance of a “turkey neck” and make an individual appear to look much older than their age. Sagging skin and laxity can also reduce the definition of the jawline and face, resulting in a more aged appearance. Sagging skin can become noticeable as early as the late 20s for some patients, especially if their weight fluctuated. In the past, one of the few options available to address this issue was a face lift procedure. However, with Renuvion, patients have a completely new alternative.

Renuvion works by using focused RF (radio frequency) energy beam which charges ionized cooling helium gas. This energy, when applied to the skin and tissues, creates enough heat (over a period of a millisecond) in the targeted area to contract the skin and tissues while helium gas cools the treatment area quickly, allowing the skin to contract and not get burned. This contraction of the skin and tissues can eliminate the appearance of a double chin, add definition to the jaw, and improve the appearance of scars, fine and deep facial lines. Best of all NO incisions are required. If the patient wants to avoid a neck lift, arm lift, tummy tuck or a thigh lift, then a tiny 1/8 in incision is made through which the energy is delivered to the tissues under the skin leading to results which can be superior to lifts. The recovery in the majority of patients is relatively easy with minimal postoperative discomfort.

According to the Health University of Utah, Renuvion can be used to replace arm lifts, belt lifts, breast lifts, butt lifts, thigh lifts, face and neck lifts, knee lifts, and tummy tuck procedures. notes that Renuvion has been used by leading plastic surgeons across the field and it has been developed as a “result of extensive scientific research and clinical development.” Apyx Medical notes that Renuvion has been used by leading plastic surgeons across the field and it has been developed as a “result of extensive scientific research and clinical development.”

Dr. Leonard Grossman was the first Plastic Surgeon to have started to experiment with J-Plasma in 2015 and continues to develop new applications and treatment options to patients who come to him from all over the world for this amazing procedure. If you are looking for an alternative to a face lift procedure? Tired of your double chin, sagging skin anywhere on the face or body, have deep wrinkles or liver spots? Dr. Leonard Grossman is a plastic surgeon in New York City offering the newest and most advanced treatment options. Visit our website at Leonard Grossman, M.D. or call our office at 212-585-2133 to learn more about your options when it comes to looking and feeling your very best.

use of other devices along with Renuvion and there may be an increased risk for patients who have undergone prior surgical or aesthetic procedures in the treatment area. As with any procedure, individual results may vary. As with all energy devices there are inherent risks associated with its use, refer to the IFU for further information.”

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