What is natural breast augmentation?

What is natural breast augmentation?

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Most of you are aware that there are several options available to those looking to have a breast augmentation procedure performed. Most prospective patients are familiar with silicone gel implants as well as saline-filled implants. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. But many people are not aware of the fact that the breast can actually be enlarged in the most natural way—using the patient’s own fat.

Just like the breast can be reduced by means of liposuction, the reverse can also be performed, and the breast can actually be enlarged. How is this possible you wonder? Well, this can be accomplished by placing more alive fat cells and stem cells into the breast. The fat cells and stem cells are merely transferred from another area on the body where they are not wanted and instead become healthy breast tissue.

How is natural breast augmentation performed?A natural breast augmentation procedure consists of two parts. Part one involves removing fat from area(s) on the body where the fat is out of proportion to the rest of the body in terms of thickness. Although the fat can be obtained from many areas of the body, only a select few are good in each patient as they have a very high stem cell count which is advantageous in natural breast augmentation. For some patients, these fat cells are located in the abdomen, but in others, they’re located in the upper arm area or the muffin top.

The most common areas that are generally used to obtain fat from in a patient who is wanting to have a breast augmentation performed include:

  • Fat of the back rolls
  • Fat of the flank or love handle rolls
  • Fat of the abdomen
  • Fat of the upper arms also known as the Batwing
  • Fat of the saddlebag area
  • Fat of the inner thigh area
  • Inner knees as well as the lower leg or the
  • The Cankle area

All of these areas can be used if fat is present in excess or combination of areas. The fat is harvested by means of thin liposuction cannulas which are connected to a low vacuum system so as not to destroy the fat cells. Once the fat is harvested it undergoes a wash, centrifugation and medical stabilization.

Now, part two of a natural breast augmentation procedure involves of the actual fat transfer or fat grafting. Pure fat that has been obtained and washed is safe to be transferred into smaller syringes. Using a tiny incision in the fold of the breast, a specialized needle with a dull tip is used to inject fat in multiple strings of fat in a fan like fashion. Just like a pyramid is built using blocks, the breast is built by using multiple layers of strings containing fat and stem cells.

Who is a candidate for natural breast augmentation?

Someone living in New York who is healthy, both physically and mentally, possesses the desire to have larger breasts, and has areas on their body with extra fat deposits of the proper type of fat that can be used for fat grafting would make for a perfect candidate for having a natural breast augmentation performed.

How large can the breast be enlarged in a single procedure?

As a rule, injecting too much fat into the breast can result in a complete loss of fat cells. From the experience of more than 26 years of performing fat transfers, Dr. Grossman has determined that the breasts can be enlarged by approximately one to one and a half cup sizes in an individual in order to have greater than 80% retention of fat cells. Patients who desire to have much larger breasts may have to undergo more than one procedure.

What are the advantages of natural breast augmentation using patient’s own fat?

There are many advantages of using patient’s own fat to achieve all natural breast augmentation. First and foremost, there are no scars on the breasts. The second advantage to having natural breast augmentation performed is the breasts now consist of all-natural tissues that belong to the same patient and therefore should not cause problems in the future. Some of other advantages include:

  • If enough fat is present, the breast can be made as large as the patient desires.
  • In the thousands of natural breast augmentations Dr. Grossman has performed, not a single patient has had an infection or a bleeding episode, making natural breast augmentation one of the safest procedures on the market today.
  • Because fat has to be harvested or liposuctioned, the area where the fat is removed from also looks better and should have improved proportions.
  • Because fat can be added to any area of the breast, the shape of the breasts can also be changed in a way that cannot be done with the use of implants.
  • In a natural breast augmentation procedure, the chance of a patient losing sensation is practically 0%.
  • In all of the patients who have had natural breast augmentation in our office since 1995, not a single patient was dissatisfied with the result. It is important however to understand what the limitations of such procedures are.

What are the disadvantages of natural breast augmentation?

There are few disadvantages of having natural breast augmentation performedOne disadvantage is that if a patient is too thin and has no extra fat anywhere on the body, then obviously such a patient cannot undergo a natural breast augmentation. Another disadvantage would be if a patient desires to have very large breasts from a single procedure, this isn’t always attainable for everyone, which was explained earlier. With more than two decades of experience in performing natural breast augmentations, it is our opinion that this is one of the best options available to a female or transgender patient.

If you live in New York or believe you are a candidate to have a natural breast augmentation performed, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Grossman at 212-585-2133 to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about the specifics of the procedure.

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