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Sculptra Injections in NY

Dr. Grossman has extensive experience with the use of Sculptra which was called New Fill, as he has been using this product for facial and body augmentation/corrections since 1996.

Sculptra is made of FDA-approved poly-L-lactic acid which is similar to absorbable sutures. Sculptra is a filler which can be used to augment facial features (cheeks, mandible, chin), fill in scars on the face as well as the body, build volume in the lower legs and it has been exceptionally popular in enhancing buttocks in patients who do not have enough fat for Brazilian Butt Lift.

Sculptra has to be reconstituted with sterile saline solution to become usable as an injectable product. Once in the body the filler stimulates collagen production and increases volume in a slow, but constant fashion with the results being best visualized at 6 weeks after the treatment. Most of the patients have retained the results anywhere from 2 to 6 years and some, after more than 20 years show no sign of resorption. Obviously the outcome varies from person to person, but invariably every one has seen marked improvement as long as they follow our protocol.

The product MUST be injected in to the fatty layer of the buttocks and never in the deep muscle groups, which is the reason why so many doctors got in trouble.

To see the video of the Brazilian Butt Lift using Sculptra click on the link below.

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