Nose Job in a Bottle
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What is the "Nose Job in a Bottle"

The procedure of improving the appearance of the nose without surgery was first performed by Dr. Leonard Grossman on the national TV show “EXTRA” in 1996. At that time, Dr. Grossman performed a “Rhinoplasty in a Bottle”  by injecting the patient’s nose with the hyaluronic acid filler Restylane Perlane. The procedure instantly improved the appearance of the patient’s nose and resulted in well-proportioned structures of the face, which lasted the patient close to one year. “Nose Job in a Bottle” can be repeated as often as necessary and is one of many procedures frequently used in Dr. Grossman’s repertoire. 

Dr. Grossman’s technique allows this procedure to be painless and rapid, as it takes only 5 to 10 minutes. This procedure will give the patient the desired result without the healing process of a typical Rhinoplasty. While looking in the mirror, the patient can control the outcome of the nose. The results are extremely natural and long lasting. A similar process is applied when patients desire a stronger chin or jaw line.

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