Cheek Augmentation in Brooklyn

Cheek Augmentation Photo Gallery

Cheek Augmentation is a procedure which is performed on patients who are lacking fullness or insufficient projection of the whole or part of the cheek area or under the eye area.

A group of patients who have a long face also known as a “horse face” or patients with “Flat Faces” benefit greatly from having their cheeks augmented, since the procedure brings better proportions and balance to the face.

There are many ways in which better proportions and fullness can be accomplished.

Dr. Grossman’s favorite approach since 1993 involves Fat Transfer Technique enhanced with patients own stem cells, where the patient’s own fat is removed from an unwanted site (like the abdomen or love handles) and placed in to the cheeks with a special needle that does not leave bruises or scars. Results are permanent. No postoperative pain has ever been recorded in our very large group of many thousands of patients. Infections have never been encountered, but are not ruled  as in any surgical procedure.

The second way of augmenting the cheek area is though the use of implants (silicone, gortex or medpore). These implants are placed either through an incision in the mouth or lower eye lid. There is some postoperative discomfort in this procedure, as well as marked swelling and some degree of infections.

The last, but not least approach to cheek augmentation is with the use new temporary and long lasting or permanent fillers. These procedures can be done within minutes when done by someone as experienced as Dr. Grossman, during the initial consultation with minimal or no down time. Results are immediately obvious.

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