Brow Lifts in NYC

Brow Lift Photo Gallery

Even though Brow Lifts are frequently mentioned in Plastic Surgery and in fashion magazines, Dr. Grossman feels that a young brow is never high and is actually quite low in a young individual and it is also much fuller and has greater forward projection. Dr. Grossman recommends that you look at your own photos at a  young age of 16 to 25 or at the faces of other young women and men to discover this fact for yourself.

It is a rare patient, who requires a brow lift to look “younger”.

People, who have unusually low eye brows, probably had low eye brows from birth and this may have interfered with their vision. This would be a good reason to have a brow lift. The same may occur after trauma or treatment associated with a disease or cancer. Bells palsy, where the facial nerve paralysis affects the muscles of the eye brow in which case the patient may require an eye brow lift.

In more than 90% of the aging population however, the eye brow lift makes people look funny “with a shocked or surprised look” that screams “I had surgery”.

The best solution for someone who desires to look younger and more like themselves when they were younger, is to carefully examine photographs of their younger days (between the ages of 16 and 25) and let Dr. Grossman advise you on the best possible approach.

It is Dr. Grossman’s belief that the majority of patients will have a superior result with Permanent Fat Grafting to the Brows and Eye Lids. The brows should look healthy and youthful after being properly addressed, NOT operated.

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