Neck Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting in NY

The neck ages in the very same manner just like the rest of the body. The skin loses some of the Elastin and Collagen volume, but more importantly the amount of fat  and muscle bulk under the skin is decreasing in volume, creating a deflated looking neck. That is exactly why men and women see the dramatic decrease in neck size as they get older.

Dr. Grossman creates a more youthful neck by simply performing Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting to the neck’s strategic areas. This procedure is best compared to a partly empty balloon to which a volume of air is added. The balloon becomes tighter and fuller. Fat Fill through fat grafting does exactly the same to the loose and droopy neck.

The procedure is completely scarless. Small amount of bruising can be seen in some patients. Results are considered to be permanent or long lasting. Please see photos of patients in the facial rejuvenation using fat grafting.

This procedure can be combined with the Face Rejuvenation using Structural Fat Grafting procedures and much more. The loss of elastin and collagen is addressed in the skin care section.

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