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Dr. Grossman started to experiment with Smart Lipo, low energy laser in 2002 and he has learned a great deal of a lot about the procedure before anyone was even aware of its existence. Smart Liposuction or Laser liposuction became available to the general public in approximately 2006. The procedure was being touted as having less down time, less scarring and easier recovery and on top of everything it “tightened the skin”.

In fact the opposite is correct.

In order to understand why this is so, one must see this as a fine tipped device, the temperature of which is very high. As this very hot tip is moved under the skin it melts and burns everything: fat, nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics and if it touches the skin, it too gets a serious burn. Because the fat is burned or melted we get the desired effect, we lose the fat. If the blood vessel is burned, there is less bleeding, but this comes with a price. Because these blood vessels are no longer in working order, the body’s ability to carry oxygen, nutrients and ability to fight infection is greatly diminished.

Lymphatics are very important as well, they help the body fight infections and carry away products of inflammation, some of which is excess of water. Nerves when burnt, don’t function well and that means that if there is a problem, the patient can’t tell, because there is no signal of pain to the brain. Additionally, in many patients the sensation is never the same after Smart Lipo and many complain of feeling like they have bugs under the skin.

What all of this amounts to, is this:

There is More Swelling with Smart Lipo Longer (over one year) recovery from the procedure of Smart Lipo. Infections are much more frequent with Smart Lipo. There are many serious burns of tendons, muscle and skin with Smart Lipo. Sensation is permanently disturbed with Smart Lipo. Uneven results are more frequent with Smart Lipo than with any other form of liposuction. Additional need for surgery is more prevalent with Smart Lipo, because the practitioner does not exactly know when he/she is finished melting the fat. Smart Lipo is almost never performed by a real Plastic Surgeon. Smart Lipo is usually performed by a physician, who has limited or no training at all in the skill of liposuction (internist, gynecologist or a dermatologist)

The best results in fat reduction surgery are obtained by means of Microcannula or Fine Cannula liposuction with or without the help of a power assist or ultrasound assist device. Until further notice this is the best advice to any patient who is seeking spot fat reduction.

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Clinics in New York City are offering blepharoplasty surgery to help treat eye conditions, helping patients to regain their natural looks and get their confidence back. Blepharoplasty has an enormous impact on our patient’s well-being since the eyes really are the windows to the soul and balancing features of the face and through the effects of the surgery help bring improved proportions back and significantly alter the whole look of an individual’s facial structure.

Blepharoplasty surgery is an innovative eye treatment that can treat both upper and lower lids. Whether you have excess skin or fat around your eyes our NY clinic can help you feel your best again.

Before blepharoplasty NYC patients often complained of excess skin on their upper lids and/or excess fat on the under eye area. The aim at Dr. Grossman’s clinic is to remove both of these conditions in the least invasive way possible in order to avoid or minimise any scarring. One such benefit of the treatment is the minimal discomfort felt after the procedure. Patients reporting no or minimal discomfort are able to go about their day with the use of mild painkillers such as Tylenol. Patients can quickly return to their lives as usual, not feeling self-conscious about just having had an eyelift surgery.

Blepharoplasty eyelid lift surgery before and after pictures show how the excess skin or fat has been removed while also making any necessary repairs to the muscle and tightening the area. In addition, if your aim of having surgery is to re-balance and bring your face back into proportion, then you can easily have other procedures such as fat grafting carried out in the facial and neck area alongside the blepharoplasty treatment at our NYC clinic.

Blepharoplasty, also known as an eye lift, is a procedure that addresses upper and/or lower eyelid problems. The problems with eye lids may be of genetic or hereditary origin, associated with illness or just plain process of aging. In most cases for the upper lids, the excess skin is removed. If excess fat is present, it too may be removed and the muscle may be tightened and repaired. The procedure is relatively painless and produces a better defined upper eye lid crease with minimal scarring.

In lower lid surgery, it is the bags under the eyes that are most commonly addressed. These fatty deposits can be either removed through the inside of the eye lid with no visible scarring at all or in conjunction with lower eyelid skin tightening procedure at the same time. Scarring is minimal and not readily visible.

Both eye lid procedures are done with minimal or no post-operative discomfort and have a relatively short recuperative period. Either procedure produces better balance and proportions to the eye area.

Blepharoplasty can be combined with a face lift, neck lift or fat grafting procedures which further lead to improved balance and better proportions. There is rarely any discomfort after blepharoplasty and the great majority of our patients return to work if they want to the very next day.

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