Facial Rejuvenation in NYC

The subject of facial rejuvenation can be discussed for a length of a long book, but we will make it as short as possible.

Dr. Grossman believes there are two basic categories of patients looking to make themselves appear younger.

First group consists of men and women who have stayed pretty much healthy throughout their lives by being at the same weight, with good eating habits and regular exercise.

This group of patients ages through a process known as Volume Loss in the face and body. In other words, their face and body alike simply lose fat cells as these individuals get older. Just like a balloon that is losing air appears to be saggy, so does the face and the body of such a person. Not that this person has grown more skin (that’s impossible), it is that his/her face has gotten skinnier and thinner and continues to look disproportionate as it loses volume.

The rejuvenative procedure for such an individual consists of a Permanent Fat Grafting Technique, where the fat is removed from one or more areas on the body (usually where it is not desired or isn’t that attractive) and these, live fat cells are then injected into the areas of the face and neck to recreate the appearance of the same person, which he or she had at a younger age, not the pulled look which is common in a face lift. Dr. Grossman started to perform these procedures in 1993 and his technique has greatly improved since.

This procedure has almost no risks as compared to the face lift, quicker recovery, minimal or no bruising, moderate amount of swelling and results that rival that of a face lift.

The second group of patients is made up of individuals who throughout their lives gained and lost weight of significant amount. A good example would be a woman who has gained 60 lbs. during her pregnancy and has lost it since. In some of these individuals the skin that was stretched during the process of weight gain was not able to snap back to its point of maximum elasticity resulting in somewhat poor skin tone. Adding this fact and the volume loss of the natural process of aging and you have a person who needs to have the skin tightened by means of a Modified Short Scar Face Lift and Fat Transfer to replace the lost volume.

This approach allows Dr. Grossman to make this individual look like themselves at a younger age, not like someone else  but with a tighter face.

Both procedures will lead to a more youthful result, but when used in the appropriate patient will produce a long lasting effect.

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