Cellulite Treatment in New York

Cellulite or cottage skin has been a heartfelt condition for millions of women for many generations.

In today’s market, promises seem to sell, but unfortunately there is not a single product available today that can get rid of cellulite. Velashape, Cellulaze, Cellfina procedures promise improvement, together with hundreds of creams which claim the same, but as most people find out, they are out of money and results are no where to be found.

There are a few options however available to our patients, which can make the appearance of cellulite much better, allowing women to have smoother skin, have more confidence in their personal and everyday life. Dr. Leonard Grossman uses his proprietary technique for cellulite improvement and complete correction.

In short: Cellulite is an anatomical defect where a tether which is attached to the skin undersurface extends down to the muscle fascia. As the tether gets shorter while an individual is growing, the cellulite dimple becomes more noticeable. In order to create improvement, Dr. Grossman scarlessly release the tether and fills in the created void with the patient’s own fat thus preventing the reconnection of the tether. In the hands of Dr. Grossman the procedure provides repetitively good results which are permanent.

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