Skin Care

The Skin Care Line which was created by Dr. Grossman and a genius chemist some 12 years ago consists of synergistic Medications and Non-Medication products called “THE PROTOCOL”. This specialized formula improves skin quality (by making the skin tighter), removes uneven skin color, age and sun spots, reduces pores, and erases fine lines in less than three weeks, with long lasting results and continued improvement as long as the creams are being used according to the prescribed schedule. Even some of the oldest patients have regained skin quality not seen in 30 years. “The Protocol” should be used on the face, neck and the décolletage area. This formula, which most of our patients call “Magical”, can be used safely on all skin types. Since these are medications, you must be evaluated by Dr. Grossman. Do not shy away though, you might run into one or two celebrities while waiting.

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