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Bowed Leg Surgery

Bow legs or bowed legs, bowlegs, also known as bowleggedness are a condition of the legs that make a person appear as if they are straddling something while standing. In most people of this group, the lower legs have a gap between the calf muscles that is larger than desired or considered to be  the norm. In some people the whole leg is so severely bowed that the knees are far apart while standing.

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Bowed legs can be caused by several factors, aside from a child’s fetal development. If the bowed legs remain present throughout the child’s growth and into adulthood, there may be an underlying medical condition, including the following illnesses:

Abnormal bone development
Blount’s disease – A growth disorder of the tibia (shin bone)
Improperly healed fractures
Lead or fluoride poisoning
Rickets – Softening of the bones due to a vitamin D deficiency
Severe bowlegs can lead to physical difficulties later in life, in some cases necessitating surgical intervention.

Additionally, the cosmetic appearance of the legs in bow legged individuals can severely affect their self-esteem, especially if the person with the condition is a child who is being teased.

When bowed leg condition is mild, a child may be given special shoes to wear, braces or even casts to straighten out the legs. However, if the condition is of the less severe degree and involves the lower legs only and does not spontaneously regress, it can be treated with plastic surgery. If you reside in New York and surrounding areas and are suffering from the embarrassment caused by bowed legs, you feel embarrassed to wear shorts or skirts, Dr. Leonard Grossman can help restore alignment to your legs and eliminate the physical and mental anguish caused by this condition permanently.

Surgical correction of bowed legs works extremely well for patients of any age. However, it is a procedure best performed in adolescence and adulthood. Because young children continue to grow until their teen years, plastic surgery is not always recommended as a solution to the condition.

In the majority of individuals whom are perceived to have bowed legs, it is NOT the bones that are crooked, but it is the lack of a muscle group in the inner portion of the lower legs.

By addressing the missing volume of the lower leg with the use of the patient’s own fat and stem cells, the muscle bulk can be recreated without unattractive scars and painful experience.

Dr. Grossman has been correcting the lack of fullness of the inner portion of the calf since 1995 with permanent and scar-less results.

Dr. Grossman will begin by assessing your condition to ensure you are a good candidate for surgery.

In the procedure, which was in fact invented by Dr. Grossman, the portions of the legs are addressed first and only if needed for better symmetry and esthetic appearance. Fat is harvested form the areas where it is not wanted and where your own stem cell count is naturally high. The harvested fat is processed in the way as to keep the cells alive with a maximum stem cell count, and then the fat is injected with specialized cannulas in to any, required portion of the calf or the ankle, bulking up the calf and the ankle in a way as to bring the proportions of the legs to a norm. In the similar fashion any portion of the calf or the leg can be corrected.

With the experience and thousands of patients treated since 1995 we can comfortably tell you that the results are permanent and scar-less.

If you have considered bowlegged plastic surgery in New York, and whether you are local or from out of the state or even country, Dr. Grossman can help eliminate the problem, realigning your legs and ridding you of the mental anguish the condition has caused you. For more information on the treatment and to determine if plastic surgery for bowlegs is the right choice for you, contact Dr. Grossman today to schedule a consultation and discuss the best options for your cosmetic treatment.

Most of out of towners will send us photos required for an evaluation. If you are found to be a good candidate for the procedure, you will have a Skype consultation with Dr. Grossman. Following your consultation you may schedule a procedure with Dr. Grossman.

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