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Cheek lift

On the other hand, if pulling on your cheek makes you look different from when you were young, then what you need is a Revolumization procedure or Fat Grafting/Transfer, where some of your unwanted fat elsewhere on the body is removed and then placed into the cheeks.

Many patients are being told that they need a cheek lift, but in Dr. Grossman’s opinion only a small group of patients needs this procedure. If you ever had cheeks and they appear to have dropped with age, it happened because you either lost weight or you have lost facial volume as a natural process of aging. If your cheeks are indeed full and lifting them would make you look just like when you were young, then you should go ahead and have the cheek lift. The cheek lift can be done in a few ways. One approach for the lift uses the inside of the mouth and leaves no scars. The other is done through a small incision in the temple hairline or through the lower eyelid. There is always significant swelling present after a cheek lift surgery.


Another group of patients that benefits from Fat Transfer are patients who have never really had much of the cheek to start with.

If you are lacking good quality fat or just don’t want Fat Grafting, then temporary or long lasting fillers may do the job for you. With Dr. Grossman using fillers is easy and painless, the procedure takes approximately 10 minutes after which most people can return to normal their lifestyle the very same day.

The above procedures elevate cheeks, creating youthful fullness while also providing support to the lower eyelids and getting rid of the “tired eyes” look. The procedure is quick, painless and the results are permanent, when done by Dr. Grossman.

Dr. Grossman was the first American Plastic Surgeon to be using Restylane, Juvederm and Sculptra and many other fillers, with thousands of patients benefiting from the experience only Dr. Grossman has.

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