Breast Reduction in Brooklyn

Breast Reduction Photo Gallery

Breast reduction is a procedure designed for patients with excessively large breasts. This condition, called Macromastia (Large Breasts), takes away the freedom from the patients who have them, by being too heavy and in the way of their every day activities.

It is difficult for such patients to find clothes that fit right; breasts are heavy and can be associated with neck and back pain. Patients can have rashes under the breasts and they can simply slow you down.

Since 1995, Dr. Grossman came to a conclusion that most of the breasts are made up of fat and if that’s the case, why cut it out if you can liposuction it out. Breast Reduction by Liposuction was then born. Since that time a great deal of patients have had the procedure, which is much easier on the patient, than the traditional breast reduction.

There are fewer complications and best of all the procedure produces excellent results without any visible scars.

The breast, which hangs before the procedure will actually come up some, since the weight that pulls it down is now gone.

Patients who desire a more lifted breast can undergo a Periareolar Breast Lift at a later time or during the same procedure.

Make sure you ask to view this procedure on a video documentary about Dr. Grossman from The Cosmetic Surgery Live show.

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