Enhance Your Eyes with an Eyelid Lift by a New York City Plastic Surgeon

Enhance Your Eyes with an Eyelid Lift by a New York City Plastic Surgeon

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Many plastic surgeons tell their patients that they need a blepharoplasty (eye job) or a brow lift to make the patient “look younger”. In reality nothing could be farther from the truth.

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New York City Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Leonard Grossman, has been studying faces for a very long time and what he noticed it revolutionary and illuminating.

As people age their eyebrows get higher, not lower as was previously believed. In fact Dr Grossman does not believe that the eyebrow lift procedures should be routinely performed, unless they are medically necessary as in patients with paralysis. The human face loses volume in the tissues such as fat, connective tissue muscle and even bone, as the person gets older.

As the result of this volume loss, the upper eyelids appear to have extra skin and in response to the droopy skin, the muscles in the forehead go in to overdrive and lift the eyebrows. This in turn results in the increased wrinkles of the forehead.

The human body does not grow extra skin unless the person is naturally growing. As an adult or a child, the skin can be stretched as the person gains weight. In large, overweight patients this “extra skin” probably should be surgically removed after the individual loses the unwanted pounds says Grossman.

In an individual who has pretty much kept a constant weight throughout his/her lifetime, no skin should ever be removed according to Grossman, but the sagginess of the brows, eyelids and the face should be corrected by revolumizing or adding volume to where it had been lost. There are always some stores of fat on the human body and these can be used for such procedures, which by the way Dr Grossman has been performing for the last 19 years.

In the hands of Dr Grossman Stem Cell Enhanced Fat Grafting has already reshaped the present and will do much more so in the future when cloning of the patient’s own fat cells becomes readily accessible. These adult stem cells and fat cells can be used to rejuvenate the face, forehead, neck, décolletage area, breasts, hands, buttocks and legs. Fat cells, when used by an expert can dramatically improve scars, indents, burns and areas that have been traumatized by poor surgical outcomes or lost to cancer and some other diseases.

So if you feel young and wish to look as good as you feel, the best procedure as it turns is not being cut, but revolumization, which creates the most natural results without the risks of surgery.

For more info on how to revolumize your face and body visit www.drgrossman.com

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