Would You Like Fuller, Sexier Lips?

Would You Like Fuller, Sexier Lips?

Big Lips makeup | Dr. Leonard Grossman M.D. | NY

Even in the days of ancient Egypt full lips represented female beauty and fertility. This perception continues today when the sexy pout is fantasized about, talked about, filmed and photographed all over the world.

When a celebrity or a connoisseur of the most beautiful lips comes with their client to the office of the New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Grossman, they need to say very little. Dr. Grossman has the eye and a keen sense of proportions to create the most luscious lips that will look beautiful, yet not ostentatious. Dr. Grossman has been a pioneer, using Restylane to build the most famous lips since 1995 and his experience has only grown as has the list of his clients.

Since the invention of stabilized Hyaluronic Acid products such as Restylane, Juvaderm, Perlane and Lipp, the business has never been better says Grossman. Most of the above mentioned products will make your lips look plump for about one year or more says Grossman. If you want something permanent, then you are talking about medical grade silicone oil, but that comes with the price of having to come and have treatments done every 6 weeks until the desired effect is achieved. Dr. Grossman says that the biggest mistake a patient can make is when they want the result fast with silicone or they go to an unlicensed “doctor”. Because silicone is a permanent product, great care must be taken not to over inject.

Not every big pout is a sexy pout, but if you want all of the above then Dr. Grossman may be the doc for you, if you can afford him.   Let a New York City Plastic Surgeon Give You that Magnificent Pout You Always Wanted.

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