A Personal Consultation with New York Surgeon Can Improve Your Results

A Personal Consultation with New York Surgeon Can Improve Your Results

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New York, NY- Lately you may have been thinking about having breast augmentation, liposuction or something as simple as Restylane or just a shot of Botox. With so many new techniques available, it may be difficult to choose which cosmetic procedure is right for you. Most people know what areas of their body they want to change or improve, but only an in-depth consultation will help you understand optimal results.

The cosmetic surgery industry is constantly innovating and though we may be aware of the many procedures, we may be unaware of how different techniques change the end results. Unless you discuss your expectations with a plastic surgeon you may find yourself dissatisfied with how you look after you heal.

For instance, you want to have a breast augmentation. While most women are aware they can have silicone implants they aren’t as aware of alternatives to implants, such as fat graft injections. Both procedures can increase breast size, but because all women are different, their presentations are different as well. Breast implants are appropriate for some however some women prefer the more natural-looking results which are achievable only by injecting live fat cells into the breasts.

Without discussing your anticipated results of breast augmentation with an experienced plastic surgeon, you may be disappointed with your results. The same holds true for  liposuction, tummy tucks or any other cosmetic procedure and even Botox injections.  A thorough discussion about your expectations will have an impact on the procedure and the  technique your surgeon and you, the patients decide upon.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman has decades of experience and has been inventing and implementing the newest plastic surgery innovations in his practice. During a consultation he can determine which cosmetic procedure will match your desires and give you the best results. Call Dr. Grossman to discuss what cosmetic procedure is most appropriate for you.

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