“One Step” cosmetic surgery procedures

“One Step” cosmetic surgery procedures

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Study Shows “One-Step” Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Help Reduce Patient Discomfort and Improve Recovery Time.

According to a new study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Direct-to-Implant, also known as One-Step, breast reconstruction following mastectomy for the treatment or prevention of breast cancer is safe and effective.

The study evaluated women in New York who had a mastectomy procedure either for the treatment of breast cancer or for the prevention of it. Undergoing a mastectomy is one of the most traumatic experiences a woman can face. The faster the patient can undergo breast reconstruction, the better they will feel physically and emotionally. Although many patients opt to wait to have the reconstruction or augmentation procedure, the study revealed that it is safe to undergo the treatment right after the mastectomy and by reducing the number of surgeries and steps required in the process, the patient’s health is better maintained.

Traditionally, breast reconstruction surgery following mastectomy required the placement of tissue expanders filled with saline in the breasts immediately after the tissue was removed. These expanders would stay inside the breasts sometimes up to six months in order to stretch the skin and muscle in preparation for breast implants. This is not an easy or pain-free process, and  the patient would be subjected to a second surgery for the actual implant.

The Direct-to-Implant, or One-Step, procedure allows for the immediate permanent implant following  mastectomy, eliminating the pain associated with the expanders as well as the risk of undergoing two surgical procedures. During the treatment, a specially prepared skin tissue called “acellular dermal matrix” is placed over the implant, serving as a muscle extender. The discomfort a patient suffers is minimized and the benefits also extend to the patient’s emotional well-being. Following a mastectomy procedure, a woman’s self confidence may dwindle. Concerns about her body may lead to lower self esteem and even depression. Having to wait months for a reconstructive or augmentative surgical procedure is not easy, so having the option of the One-Step procedure eliminates the waiting time previously required for post-mastectomy  reconstruction.

Women in who have had a mastectomy and wish to undergo a reconstructive or augmentative procedure, or women who desire larger breasts for their own personal aesthetic reasons, can turn to New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Grossman for assistance. Dr. Grossman offers several options for breast enhancement, including augmentations using the patient’s own fat, known as fat grafting, and traditional saline and silicone breast implants.

Breast Augmentation using Autologous Fat Stem Cells is a relatively new procedure, but New York cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Grossman,  been perfecting the procedure since 1995.  Patients can also turn to Dr. Grossman for breast lift procedures as well as New York breast reduction treatments.  Transumbilical breast augmentation procedures are also available and are high in demand. The greatest care is given to all patients in order to ensure that spectacular results are achieved.

To see which reconstructive or augmentative procedure is best for you, contact NY breast enhancement surgeon, Dr. Leonard Grossman, today to discuss your options.https://drgrossman.com/contact/

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