Hair Transplant Techniques Becoming More Popular with Celebrities

Hair Transplant Techniques Becoming More Popular with Celebrities

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BROOKLYN, New York. Manchester City football star, David Silva recently shaved his head, much to the alarm and sadness of his fans. The Daily Mail reports that Silva’s stoic style is very much in fashion among footballers—his boss, Guardiola has also been spotted donning a shaved head, and David Beckham has been seen sporting the exposed head look. However, some news outlets have claimed that the shaved head look is more than just a trend. In fact, according to the sport’s gossip site, Deadspin, the shaved head look may be in preparation for a hair transplant surgery. Some pictures seem to support the claim, but Silva hasn’t gone public about undergoing any kind of cosmetic surgery.

According to the Telegraph, hair transplant surgery is so advanced that it is quite discreet. Because the look is so natural-looking, many celebrities have reportedly had the procedure. The look is so natural that few people will know you’ve had the surgery. However, it is important to find a qualified hair transplant surgeon. Leonard Grossman, M.D. is a leading cosmetic surgeon in Brooklyn, New York who performs a range of cosmetic procedures. If you have questions about whether an FUE hair transplant is right for you, consider speaking to Leonard Grossman, MD today.

The Telegraph reports that FUE hair transplant surgery is the leading type of hair transplant surgery available. Single follicles are removed from a donor area and are transplanted to the area where balding is occurring. Male pattern baldness tends to be progressive, but most men have areas of their head that are resistant to baldness. Follicles from this area become the donor area and are transplanted to the site where balding is occurring. Because the surgery is so precise and because the placement of the follicles in the balding area is done so carefully, when the hair grows back, it grows back looking natural. There’s no “doll’s hair” look. Because each follicle is harvested individually, there is no scarring and individuals can cut and style their hair as they would normally, once the hair begins to grow in.

While the FUE procedure only takes one day to complete, it can take some time before patients see results. The new hairline will be visible, but it may take some time for the area to heal. After about 10 days, patients can begin to style and comb their hair as usual. However, after the transplant, the hair may initially fall out as the follicle adjusts to its new location and blood supply. Once the hair falls out, a new hair will grow in. It can take some time before the hair grows to your desired length. Overall, it can take anywhere from 10 months to a year before your hair reaches the desired length. Many people choose to shave their head during the healing process, so that their hair can grow in all at once.

While everyone’s results differ, many patients are satisfied with the FUE procedure. The effectiveness of the surgery will depend on how many follicles the patient has remaining and the area the patient will want to cover. If you are not sure whether the procedure is right for you, you may want to speak to a cosmetic surgeon like Leonard Grossman, M.D., a cosmetic surgeon in Brooklyn, New York.

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