Selena Gomez’s New Manager, Kris Jenner Provides Plastic Surgery Advice

Selena Gomez’s New Manager, Kris Jenner Provides Plastic Surgery Advice

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In the wake of firing her former manager, Selena Gomez has hired Kris Jenner to fill the opening. Following her breakup with Justin Bieber, the actress needed someone who could help her revitalize her career. Jenner seems ready to suggest some big changes for Gomez. It seems that Jenner has suggested a rigorous makeover regimen.

The Fashion Times criticized some of Jenner’s advice, questioning the fact that Jenner advised Gomez to lose weight.

Yet, in appearance-conscious Hollywood, it is important for stars to continue to re-invent themselves.

In addition to providing advice about Gomez’s abs, and encouraging her to join the boot camp Kim Kardashian took part in, Jenner has lectured Gomez on the importance of plastic surgery.

Several plastic surgeons have actually speculated about whether Gomez has already had some work done. Three plastic surgeons all concurred, agreeing that it is likely that Gomez had a breast augmentation performed. One Los Angeles surgeon even suggested that he could see the outline of the implant in one photo. Some sources suggested that Gomez wanted to have a breast augmentation performed in order keep up with Justin Bieber’s recent girlfriend’s looks. Yet, despite this speculation, Gomez’s representative asserts that she most certainly has not had a breast augmentation performed. Yet, with her current manager’s most recent advice, if she hasn’t had one performed already, she may have one performed soon.

Kris Jenner has experience managing her own family’s careers. As Kim Kardashian’s mother and manager, she now plans to put her formula for success to work for Gomez. Gomez recently fired her manager in the hopes of finding a manager who could help move her career forward. As is so often the case in Hollywood, this may require a makeover involving plastic surgery.

Increasingly, stars find it more difficult to succeed without the help of plastic surgery. In appearance-conscious Hollywood, celebrities need to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to their looks. It seems like it’s a silicone arms race!

Not everyone thinks hiring Jenner is a good move for Gomez. Some wonder whether Jenner’s role will negatively affect Gomez’s career. One thing is for sure: when it comes to staying fit and in shape, Jenner will make sure Gomez looks her best.

The International Business Times reports that Jenner has been advising Gomez on “everything from surgery to body hair.”

Many celebrities have everything from botox to breast augmentation performed to keep their careers going strong, and to keep their bodies looking their very best. For us mere mortals, plastic surgery can help improve confidence and keep us looking young. For those who want a much deserved makeover, finding a skilled plastic surgeon is essential to ensuring a complete recovery and the best possible new look.

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