Kim Zolciak Flaunts her Mommy Makeover on Don’t Be Tardy

Kim Zolciak Flaunts her Mommy Makeover on Don’t Be Tardy

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Kim Zolciak, the star of the Bravo reality series, Don’t Be Tardy, recently gave birth to twins. Despite having only been pregnant less than two months ago, Zolciak has been showing off her flat stomach on Instagram and Facebook. Zolciak posted photos to Facebook where she flaunted her post-pregnancy, post-mommy-makeover body.

In her Facebook post, Zolciak bragged about working hard to lose weight following birth of her twins. But don’t rush to the treadmill just yet, ladies. She also admitted to using a homemade girdle that kept her wrapped up tight and allowed her to achieve her flat stomach. How said girdle was constructed and how it looked is anyone’s guess.

Zolciak rose to fame as one of the housewives on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Following her stint on the show, she got her own spin-off series, Don’t Be Tardy to the Wedding, which focused on her wedding plans to marry Kroy Biermann.

Zolciak featured her plastic surgery journey on her Bravo reality series, Don’t Be Tardy. E! News quoted her as saying, “I wanted women to see firsthand the process, the recovery, etc. I always wished I could watch someone go through with it.”

Zolciak worked hard to lose the post-pregnancy weight before opting to undergo plastic surgery. Following her pregnancy, Zolciak lost 50 pounds. Zolciak made sure to let her fans know that plastic surgery wasn’t the only factor that led to her final look. Following her pregnancy, her surgeon repaired a hernia.

Zolciak, who is 36, has had six children, and loves to flaunt her size-4 body.

WebMD reports that mommy makeovers are becoming increasingly popular for women following their pregnancies. A mommy makeover is actually a series of procedures allowing women to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies. The procedures can range anywhere from tummy tucks, to breast augmentation.

In order to achieve a better outcome, WebMD recommends that women lose weight following pregnancy before undergoing their mommy makeovers. Women should also be exercising about 30 minutes every day. Finally, some healthy life choices can lead to better mommy makeover outcomes. Eating healthily, not smoking, and establishing a clear plan of action for surgery recovery is important. New mothers have to face the demands of caring for newborns and doing this while recovering from multiple surgeries can be taxing. Having a clear support system in place to help them with the recovery process is key to a successful mommy makeover.

If you plan to have a mommy makeover, it is important to stay healthy, lose weight, and find a skilled plastic surgeon who can perform the procedures required.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. is a skilled plastic surgeon in Brooklyn, New York who can provide you with the mommy makeover of your dreams. Dr. Grossman has over 20 years of experience performing breast augmentation surgeries. He is experienced in a range of breast augmentation surgeries, spanning from breast augmentation with fat to breast augmentation with silicone and trans-abdominal breast augmentation.

All of the patients of Dr. Grossman are on a special Dr. Grossman diet from the moment they find out they are pregnant. With Dr. Grossman’s healthy approach to eating, pregnant women rarely gain more than 20 lbs in weight and can return to their pre-pregnancy shape almost immediately after giving birth. If for some reason surgery is required, pre-surgical diet of Dr. Grossman allows the patients to have any mommy makeover surgery and recover very quickly with minimal down time.

To find out more about mommy makeover surgery or Dr. Grossman’s pregnancy diet, contact our office today to learn about how you can achieve the post-pregnancy body of your dreams.

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