Did Alexa Ray Joel Get Plastic Surgery?

Did Alexa Ray Joel Get Plastic Surgery?

Hollywood celebrities are often placed under a microscope when it comes to their looks. There is a lot of pressure to stay thin, young and beautiful, and many stars opt for plastic surgery. Some prefer liposuction while others think BOTOX is all the rage. And while cosmetic surgery has increased in popularity tremendously over the past decade, appealing to both women and men, some celebrities don’t like to give credit where credit is due and deny having any work done.

The latest celebrity to be rumored to have undergone plastic surgery is none other than singer/songwriter Alexa Ray Joel. Others may know her better as music legend Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley’s daughter, but Alexa definitely has come to make her mark on Tinseltown all on her own. Now, she wants to set the record straight when it comes to the rumors that have been going around about her possible plastic surgery.

In a Facebook post, the 26-year-old addressed the rumors that have been circulating on TMZ and Daily Mail, which suggest she underwent breast augmentation surgery and shot them down.

“Aside from getting Rhinoplasty Surgery a few years ago (which I have been blatantly honest and candid about in the past) I have not had any further work done. (Not on my face, or anywhere else- for that matter.) I fervently believe that it should be every woman’s imperative to love, accept, embrace, and celebrate their exterior – BUT: the act putting your ‘best self’ forward – in every sense of the word – involves work that’s rooted from within.”

Whether Alexa is telling the truth or not is only something time will tell, but as far as having work done on her nose, she is definitely not shy about hiding the fact that she underwent Rhinoplasty in 2010.

“I was thinking about getting this for years,” said a then 24-year-old Alexa. My nose always bothered me a little bit. I was self-conscious of pictures taken from the side. To some people that’s vain, but at the end of the day, we all want to feel pretty.”

Alexa is certainly not the only person who has either dreamed of getting a nose job or already undergone the treatment. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed across the United States, especially in New York, which experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Grossman, can attest to.

Dr. Grossman has performed “at least several, celebrity” Rhinoplasty procedures and knows first-hand how much of a difference in appearance the procedure can make. Whether the patient is having the surgery done for cosmetic reasons or because of a congenital problem or accident associated deformity, the nose is the central feature on the face, and cannot be hidden from the world. Having a crooked, asymmetrical or disproportionate nose can lead many people to feel insecure about self. Rhinoplasty can correct several problems with the shape and size of a nose, improving the balance and harmony of the face as well as increasing one’s self esteem and confidence.

The surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and only lasts between one to three hours.

If you have considered undergoing Rhinoplasty surgery, contact New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Grossman, today to schedule a consultation today.


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