Divorcees Turning to Cosmetic Surgery

Divorcees Turning to Cosmetic Surgery

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As cosmetic surgery procedures become increasingly more complex and creative, several famous actors in Hollywood are looking to get a makeover of their own. The demand for a “fresh face” in Hollywood is always high, so naturally, older stars want to look and feel their best.

However, a new trend in plastic surgery has become popular among older, divorced individuals. The number of couples divorcing in their 60s and 70s has risen dramatically in the last decade, and now, these newly single and ready to mingle ladies and gents want to make sure they can impress their future prospects.

Many of these divorcees are turning to their cosmetic surgeons, wanting to resemble their favorite older actors.  Both men and women are asking their local surgeons to look more like actors and actresses that are in their “silver” years, but can still turn heads, including Helen Mirren, 67, Susan Sarandon, 66, Richard Gere, 63, and Liam Neeson, 60.

Many of the individuals seeking cosmetic treatments that are women have decided to leave their unhappy marriages and have turned to cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance before looking for love once again.

In England, the most popular procedure seen thus far has been a treatment called lipoglaze or Zeltiq here in the US, in which fat is frozen from a problem area, such as the stomach or hips, and then the dead fat cells are expelled by the body. This is an excellent alternative for older patients who do not want to undergo an invasive surgery like liposuction, but who want to lose unwanted fat.  The procedure does have some drawbacks such as post treatment pains and skin discoloration in some patients.

The procedure that has proven to be even more spectacular in England and the US is called i-Lipo. I lipo is a device which has multiple different size paddles each equipped with many low level diode lasers. When placed on the skin overlying the unwanted fatty deposits, a process of photo-biochemical reaction occurs. The fat cells release all the fats into the blood stream and shrivel up. The result is instant loss of fatty deposit. The procedure is so quick, non-invasive and almost boringly easy, that it has doctors and patients sitting on the edge as everyone is trying to get their hands on this revolutionary device. Patients who are compliant and undergo a series of eight 20-minute treatments within a four-week period, appear to get results that rival those of liposuction.

Men and women over the age of 60 are also turning to other non-invasive cosmetic treatments, increasing the overall number of procedures performed, such as BOTOX and a multitude of fillers.

Getting divorced is not easy, especially if you are over the age of 60. With age, the body tends to lose its firmness and skin elasticity also begins to deteriorate. But before any dramatic surgical procedure is chosen, many patients opt to do a minimally or non-invasive treatment to determine if they are satisfied with the results.

America leads the way with cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation treatment popularity, but this particular trend seems to have crossed overseas to Britain. According to one of the UK’s leading beauty retailers, Escentual.com, there has been a 210 percent increase in women over the age of 60 who are spending money on anti-aging creams and serums.

According to Escentual CEO Rakesh Aggarwal, in the last year alone, the over-60s beauty market had gone from a small business to a multi-million pound industry.

“Many more anti-aging skin-care products are specifically created for the more mature market now,” explained Aggarwal. “A lot of our customers are looking for anti-aging products that slow the appearance of facial wrinkles and lines and many are looking for products that turn back the clock on other specific parts of the body but without the need for any surgical procedures.”

The same can be said for women and men in New York, who have been considering getting a cosmetic treatment. If you reside in the NYC area and have considered getting BOTOX or facial rejuvenation of some kind and are considering the best in the New York skin care, contact Dr. Leonard Grossman today for a consultation.

Dr. Grossman is an experienced cosmetic surgeon in NY who will help you feel as young on the outside as you do within. Depending on your needs, he will recommend a non-invasive or perhaps a minimally invasive treatment if reuired. Call to schedule a consultation and put your best face forward.

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