Kate Middleton’s Nose Most Requested

Kate Middleton’s Nose Most Requested

Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Grossman in New York

Kate Middleton has been making headlines recently, but not because of her growing baby bump, this time, it’s another one of the Duchess’ royal features that’s getting all the attention – her nose.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been inspiring people around the world – to get a nose job. The regal nose is so striking that it has given rise to a plastic surgery trend among women who wish to resemble the beautiful mother-to-be. If you have been thinking about getting a nose like Kate’s, you are definitely not alone. Rhinoplasty to create a nose like Kate’s is now the most requested plastic surgery procedure.

It’s no wonder women around the world want to look like Kate. After all, she has an amazing fashion sense, gorgeous physique, and not to mention, is married to Prince William. There’s definitely something about Kate that makes heads turn in her direction. But while not everyone can afford to live in Kate’s luxurious style, her fans can afford to have rhinoplasty to resemble her.

According to data released by the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, Kate Middleton’s nose was the most popular and sought after plastic surgery of 2012 in the UK aimed at looking like a celebrity.

“People are choosing celebrities who are sophisticated and naturally beautiful,” said a spokesman from the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group to The Daily Mail, adding that there has been a general rise in requests for patients looking to resemble their favorite celebrity. However, Kate Middleton’s nose is the most requested of all.

But British plastic surgery patients aren’t the only ones who want to look like Kate; New York rhinoplasty patients also regard the regal nose as inspiration for their own treatments.

The Middletons definitely have good genetics on their side. It wasn’t that long ago that Kate’s sister Pippa was making headlines of her own, with women far and wide wanting the “Pippa makeover” to enhance their buttocks’ to resemble hers.

However, you don’t have to be a royal – or married to one – to have a spectacular body or nose. If you are in the New York area, turn to Dr. Leonard Grossman today for the royal treatment in cosmetic surgery.

Whether you are seeking Kate Middleton’s nose, a buttocks augmentation to look like Pippa or fuller lips to resemble Lana Del Rey, Dr. Grossman is the experienced NY cosmetic surgeon who can make your aesthetic dreams a reality.

But it isn’t just women looking to obtain plastic surgery these days to look like their favorite celebs; men are asking for their own treatments to look like their preferred stars. Among the most popular procedures for men are requests for Robert Pattinson’s jaw and Ashton Kutcher’s cheeks.

Whatever the celebrity look you crave, Dr. Grossman can give you your own, individual and singular look that will have heads turning in your direction wherever you go. To discuss NY rhinoplasty options, buttocks augmentation, cheek augmentation, or any other cosmetic procedure, give Dr. Leonard Grossman a call today to schedule a consultation.

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