Chin and Nose Surgery Produces Results

Chin and Nose Surgery Produces Results

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A new study from researchers in Italy has found that combining facial reconstructive surgeries produces much better results than those achieved through separate treatments. Patients who have been considering facial plastic surgery in New York may want to opt for a combination treatment as opposed to treating one area first and then another, so as to obtain the most desirable, symmetrical and long-lasting results.

The study, found in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, revealed that combination Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery) and Genioplasty (chin reshaping surgery) provides the best stability for the patient’s features.

“We can for sure improve facial profile with stable results with Rhinoplasty alone, but the association with Genioplasty is fundamental and necessary to achieve the best aesthetic result,” explained Dr. Dario Bertossi, an associate professor in the department of surgery at the University of Verona and lead researcher with the study.

Because there is a strong relationship between the nose and the chin, patients will see much more natural looking and optimal results if they opt to undergo the combination treatment. Reshaping the nose and chin simultaneously will create a more “aesthetically proportionate” face, which the study has shown.

There have been many patients who have not been fully satisfied with the results of their Rhinoplasty, even though the surgery itself was successful.  Some patients feel as though there is something off with the results, and this is attributed to the disproportionate relationship between the patient’s new nose and natural chin shape. In order to ensure harmony between all facial features is obtained, the combination plastic surgery is key.

For example, patients who want a smaller nose may want to also reduce the size of their chin so one feature doesn’t stand out above another or appear mismatched. Conversely, patients who want to enlarge their chin should also consider a nose reshaping treatment so the new features create symmetry in the face.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of combination facial plastic surgery, doing two procedures at the same time is also better for the patient’s health. As opposed to undergoing two significant surgeries and having to spend time recovering from each, the patient will have less downtime with the combo surgery and the body itself will experience less trauma.

The study followed 90 people who underwent Rhinoplasty and Genioplasty simultaneously between January 2002 and January 2004. Over the next three years of follow-up visits, the researchers discovered that nearly half (45.6 percent) of patients who had their chin reduced did not undergo subsequent changes to the shape of their chin. For patients who had chin extensions, 52 percent had a “stable” profile three years later.

Even with the best Rhinoplasty procedure, it is normal for a patient’s nose to exhibit subtle changes over the first 12 to 24 months post-surgery. The combination surgery significantly reduced the incidence of noticeable changes in the patients’ nose and/or chins, showing that performing the Rhinoplasty and Genioplasty surgeries simultaneously will give patients a more uniform result.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman has been performing both nose reshaping surgery and chin reshaping surgery simultaneously and separately, depending on the patient’s preferences and what is best in the interest health-wise. Dr. Grossman offers patients several options, especially with chin augmentation surgery.  There are different materials for chin implants patients can choose from and can also choose between an incision under the chin or through the mouth.

If you have considered a facial rejuvenation or reshaping plastic surgery in New York, turn to Dr. Grossman today to schedule a consultation and determine your ideal treatment options.

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