Facial Procedures
Body Contouring & Cosmetic surgery By Dr. Leonard Grossman M.D.


Dr Leonard Grossman is the best facial plastic surgeon New York has to offer and is known for his pioneering work and research into less invasive and traumatic methods to carry out plastic surgery procedures. This includes using fat grafting/transfer to perform face-lift surgery in his New York clinic.

Our New York clinic offers a wide range of facial procedures from augmentation and facelifts to Rhinoplasty and ear reshaping (otoplasty).

Whereas more traditional face-lifts involve incisions near the ear and hairline, requiring multiple stitches and significant recovery time from bruising, Dr Grossman favours the fat grafting method as it’s a less intense procedure, requiring very little recovery time and minimising scarring and bruising.

Dr Grossman also offers lifts to the cheek and neck areas. The cheek lift can be carried out by making an incision through the mouth area which results in a lift with no scarring. Alternatively, the fat grafting procedure can be utilised.

When carrying out lifts to the neck, Dr Grossman uses Renuvion (J-plasma. This is a fairly new procedure, introduced in 2016, using a plasma beam to direct energy and target the specific areas that require tightening and lifting. Lifts are also available for the eye (Blepharoplasty)using procedures that seek to reduce discomfort and scarring as much as possible.

Augmentation procedures are specifically designed to create balance in the face where patients feel they have areas out of proportion. The areas that our NYC clinic offers for augmentation are the lips, cheeks and chin. This process is carried out using implants or fillers, depending on the patients individual needs.

Carried out in the neck area, for patients who present with a heavy neck or double chin. This is carried out without requiring the use of general anaesthetic. This means that patients do not need to suffer from post op nausea and other symptoms, when having this procedure.

Dr Grossman has been cited the best facial plastic surgeon New York due to the revolutionary methods he has researched and pioneered. In addition to the above treatments Dr Grossman also offers procedures for the nose, ear and eye brows at his clinic in NYC.

Dr Grossman always works in partnership with his clients, listening to their concerns and needs and will always recommend the most appropriate surgery with the least risks and recovery time. This ensures that you will be happy with the results. Whether you’re in need of a nose job or facelift in New York, Dr Leonard Grossman’s clinic is the best in class.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, one of world’s most respected and renowned plastic surgeons, is ready to talk with you and answer all of your questions.


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