Optimal Fat Loss with Stand-Up Liposuction

Optimal Fat Loss with Stand-Up Liposuction

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Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year, and as the demand for cosmetic procedures increases, so do the many innovations in the field.

At one time, plastic surgery was considered a luxury; something only the rich and the famous could afford.  However, there are many different procedures these days that are both state-of-the-art and affordable.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman knows all about the demand for cosmetic treatments and keeps up with the latest popular trends. Practicing in one of the most dynamic and populated cities in the world, Dr. Grossman has seen the trend in plastic surgery treatments change over the years, and has been involved in the creation of new and innovative treatments for patients, including a treatment he designed for reducing body fat called The Smarter Liposuction.

The Smarter Liposuction approach does not require general anesthesia, involves fewer incisions, and finishes with the patient standing up (another treatment that Dr. Grossman is credited with inventing) in front of a mirror to produce optimal results. Keeping his patients’ well-being and comfort in mind, Dr. Grossman also performs this unique New York liposuction treatment in a warm rather than a typical, cold operating room.

Many patients have undergone unsuccessful liposuction procedures elsewhere, have been unhappy with their results. This usually occurs when the patient is placed under general anesthesia, during which they will not be able to interact with their surgeon or let them know how they feel about the progress of the treatmen. Dr. Grossman’s  unique liposuction methods, including the Stand-Up Lipo procedure, provides better results not solely because of the way the treatment approaches the removal of stubborn fat, but because patients can actually look at themselves in the mirror and let their doctors know if they would like any additional areas to be treated and to what degree.

Performing liposuction while the patient stands up has other additional benefits as well. With traditional liposuction, patients are usually knocked out by general anesthesia and are laid flat on the operating table. Dr. Grossman explains this isn’t the ideal method of liposuction execution because when the patient is lying down, their body’s fat will shift horizontally and lead to a distorted figure. When liposuction is performed in this manner, the results can be less than appealing.

One of Dr. Grossman’s New York Stand-Up lipo patients, Sandra Campos, has testified to the beyond-belief results of the procedure, explaining she remained awake throughout the entire surgery, communicating with Dr. Grossman all the way through. Once she was able to stand up in front of the mirror and look at the results, Sandra was able to let Dr. Grossman know what she liked and if there were any areas where additional fat could be removed.

Allowing the patient to stand up also allows the doctor to be in better control of the results. Even if the patient doesn’t voice any dissatisfaction or desire for extra body contouring, with Dr. Grossmans’ innovative procedure, plastic surgeons performing the treatment can look at the patient and determine if there are any areas they can touch up right then and there, eliminating the need for a follow-up or “touch up” surgery.

Patients are able to stand up, look in the mirror and decide if an area where I’ve done my liposuction needs a little more or a little less,” explained Dr. Grossman.  “We reduce the chance of having [patients] needing or wanting to come back again for a small touch up. And saying Doc, you could have removed a little more.”

Sandra was only mildly sedated throughout the entire procedure and received a local anesthetic in her thighs, where she wanted the  liposuction to be performed, which also reduces the risk of complications resulting from general anesthesia, pulmonary embolism, excessive postoperative pain or a lung collapse.

Furthermore, the innovative Stand-Up Lipo procedure results in virtually no swelling or bruising in Dr Grossman’s hands and eliminates the need for compression garments. In fact, 95% of Dr. Grossman’s patients did not experience any bruising whatsoever in the area of surgery.

With a much faster recovery time, optimal fat removal results and dramatic reductions in complications, the Stand-Up Lipo approach can give patients the physique they have always dreamed of.

If you would like more information on the Stand-Up Lipo and The Smarter Liposuction treatments, contact New York plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman today to schedule a consultation and be on your way to achieving results of the new you.

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