11-Year-Old Girl to Undergo Plastic Surgery

11-Year-Old Girl to Undergo Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery has been known to help both women and men correct any physical flaws they were born with or developed after being involved in an accident. While there are times in which cosmetic surgeries like Rhinoplasty or Breast Augmentation can be performed to help an individual gain a greater sense of self-esteem, plastic surgery can also give someone a new life after experiencing severe trauma or injury.

For one little girl in Utah, plastic surgery is giving her the ability to grow up without having to worry about any physical scars left behind from an accident involving a dog.  The young girl, only 11-years-old, was attacked by a pit bull at a family event over the weekend and is now awaiting plastic surgery to correct extensive damage to her face caused by the dog on Sunday.

The incident occurred while the little girl was at her uncle’s home, enjoying a family gathering on Saturday in Cottonwood Heights, UT.  The girl’s uncle had put the pit bull in a back room to prevent any incidents, but the little girl was not aware of this.  Not knowing the dog was in the room, she opened the door and was attacked.

Authorities say the young victim was transported to Primary Children’s Medical Center for “fairly extensive facial injuries,” but since then has been doing well. She is awaiting plastic surgery to correct the injuries left behind by the pit bull.

While the girl’s uncle called police to report the incident and informed, no charges will be filed because he had taken the necessary precautions to keep the dog secure from the family. When questioned about the attack, Cottonwood Heights Police Sgt. Gary Young said he did not have any idea what might have prompted the dog to attack the young victim.

“Unfortunately the 11-year-old opened the wrong door at the wrong time and the dog attacked her,” said Young. “It’s a tragic incident.”

Luckily for the little girl, the injuries she sustained can be corrected with plastic surgery. The public has not been informed of the exact damage done by the dog, but in many cases, facial cosmetic surgery is extremely successful, often leaving no trace of the previous damage.

In the United States, plastic surgery is not typically performed on such a young patient, but because of the extenuating circumstances, the girl’s parents approved of the surgery. In the U.S., patients must be 18 years of age to be allowed to undergo plastic surgery without parental approval. Additionally, each plastic procedure has an age minimum regulated by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

However, in certain circumstances, such as with this particular accident, surgery can be performed and the faster the patient undergoes the treatment, the greater the chances that there will be no permanent damage left behind from the original accident.

Here in New York, Dr. Leonard Grossman has seen many cases of physical trauma to the face caused by a wide range of accidents, including animal bite wounds, car crashes, slip and falls, or even physical abuse. He provides an extensive array of reconstructive plastic surgery treatments for patients, including New York Rhinoplasty and innovative fat grafting procedures that can help patients regain their self-confidence following an accident.

If you have been the victim of an accident and have suffered physical trauma as a result, contact New York plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman today to discuss your best cosmetic approach to correcting the problem quickly and successfully.

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