Innovative Fat Transfer Procedure Provides Natural Results

Innovative Fat Transfer Procedure Provides Natural Results

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Augmentation plastic surgery procedures have been popular for many years. Breast enhancement, buttocks enlargement and even facial rejuvenation have all been treatments sought after by individuals who want to look and feel their best. But while many augmentation treatments involve the use of saline or silicone implants, not every patient is keen on having a foreign material in their body.

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Just for such a patient there is an innovative procedure, which involves the use of something that most of us don’t like hearing about: FAT.
The fat we are talking about is the kind of fat that we don’t want, but here is the twist, as the fat cells are removed from where they are not wanted, they can be seeded in to another area on the body which is lacking fat. Examples include breasts, buttocks, face hands, arms, legs, calves and ankles.

Dr. Leonard Grossman in New York has been performing enhancement procedures with this revolutionary new treatment involving fat transfer or fat grafting since 1993 in the face and since 1995 everywhere else on the body.

Dr. Grossman was the first New York plastic surgeon to successfully perform this unique procedure in calf augmentation and breast augmentation patients. Dr. Grossman has been perfecting the procedure and providing his patients with a safer and natural plastic surgery alternative also known as The Organic Plastic Surgery.
And not only can patients who undergo Fat Transfer procedures obtain the look they desire, but because of the unique nature of the treatment, patients can also lose unwanted fat from an area or areas of their body as an added benefit.

The Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting procedure involves removing fat from one part of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs, via modified liposuction and transferring it to another location where the fat is lacking. Dr. Grossman will use an extremely small cannula to remove the fat, which contains a high concentration of adult stem cells, from an area where it is not wanted and then purify and stabilize the fat cells for transfer. The live fat cells will then be injected into the area where the patient desires augmentation with a specially modified needle. Once planted, the stem cells survive permanently.

This procedure is extremely popular among patients who desire a more natural approach to plastic surgery. Since this augmentation involves the use of patient’s own, natural fat, there is no risk of the patient’s body rejecting the treatment. The area where the fat is transferred will also feel more natural, unlike silicone or saline implants.
The majority of Dr. Grossman’s New York Fat Transfer patients don’t even experience any bruising from surgery, and discomfort is so mild that rarely do they request anything more than Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. And unlike other implant augmentations, Fat Transfer patients do not require any kind of compression garments post-surgery and can return to work the very next day and hit the gym within about three to five days.
Dr. Grossman can perform several types of augmentation surgeries using the Fat Transfer technique. Patients who desire larger, fuller and shapelier or even lifted breasts can opt for a Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer.

The treatment is also available for patients who would like to enhance their buttocks. Known as the Brazilian Butt Fill, patients seeking a larger, more voluptuous buttocks can turn to Dr. Grossman for natural results without any visible scars and immediate recovery.  And for patients seeking a natural approach to add volume to the face, Dr. Grossman also performs Fat Grafting Facial Rejuvenation procedures. Dr. Grossman is one of few plastic surgeons in the world, who has many years of experience in replacing the standard face lift with the all natural fat transfer treatment to restore youth and vitality to the patient’s face without any artificial enhancements. This procedure produces results where the patients look like they did when they were young, not pulled like after a facelift.

For patients who were unfortunate to be born with bowed legs, clubbed foot or some kind of neurologic disorder that involves the legs or one leg, Dr. Grossman has been using fat grafting in restoring fullness, straightness and symmetry in the legs using all natural fat transfer. The procedure has been invented and used by Dr. Grossman since 1995 and is called Calf Augmentation With Fat.
As of today, Dr. Grossman is second to none in his experience with fat grafting techniques.
For more information on this innovative treatment and to determine if Fat Grafting in New York is right for you, contact Dr. Leonard Grossman today to schedule a consultation and determine the best plastic surgery options for your body type and aesthetic goals.

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