Fan Spends $25,000 in Plastic Surgery Procedures to Look Like Jennifer Lawrence

Fan Spends $25,000 in Plastic Surgery Procedures to Look Like Jennifer Lawrence

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Who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence? The fresh-faced actress dazzles in the real world as she does on the big screen. Never one to take herself too seriously, Lawrence not only captured our hearts with her talent and candid girl-next-door charm, but the 23-year-old Hunger Games star also caught our attention for her stunning looks.

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The stick-thin appearance was all the rage at one point, but these days, it’s all about the curves – and JLawr definitely rocks the hourglass figure. As voluptuous starlets like Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson have proudly done before her, Lawrence is not ashamed to say she doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold of what it means to be thin in Hollywood. Not one for starvation diets, Lawrence focuses on a healthy lifestyle where she can remain fit, without forsaking the natural, feminine shape of her physique. And it’s precisely that magnetic, self-empowering attitude that permeates in her work and trickles down to her fans.

Given her inward and outward radiance, it’s not surprising that many of Lawrence’s admirers would try to emulate her appearance. After all, J-Lawr is the epitome of natural beauty. But knowing this, we wonder how exactly the green-eyed thespian react if she found out one of her fans took their level of admiration just a little too far?

At first glance, Kitty seems like your average 30-year-old Texan who juggles a career, marriage and parenthood. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well, after hearing her story, you’ll soon realize that Kitty is anything BUT average. Well, at least not anymore.

Kitty confesses she idolizes Jennifer Lawrence and claims she has been “stopped on the streets”  by people who have mistaken her for the blonde (and sometimes brunette) bombshell. But while the mere resemblance to a celebrity would suffice for most, Kitty decided she wanted more. She didn’t just want to settle for just looking like Lawrence, Kitty was determined to do whatever it took to become her. And by ‘whatever’, we’re talking six hours and $25,000 in plastic surgery.

From liposuction and breast augmentation to fat grafts and rhinoplasty, Kitty definitely took her J-Lawr veneration to the next level.  But Kitty’s not the first person to undergo cosmetic surgery to look more like their favorite celeb. Here at NYC Plastic Surgery Center, we’ve seen dozens of hopeful patients turn to Dr. Leonard Grossman for help in fulfilling their quest to look more like Tinseltown’s finest. From Angelina Jolie’s lips to Kim Kardashian’s buttocks to Ryan Gosling’s chin, each patient has their own unique story as to why they want to look like their celebrity of choice.

But while plastic surgery can enhance our outward appearance, not everyone with a celebrity makeover dream can turn their wish into reality. As an experienced New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Grossman recognizes the difference between individuals who have the same underlying features as their favorite celebs, and therefore, can actually benefit from the procedures they seek, and those whose goals are unrealistic. Plastic surgery is a means by which we can fine-tune physical imperfections and improve our aesthetic appearance, but unfortunately, many turn to surgery in a state of severe depression or body dysmorphic disorder in an attempt to completely and radically transform themselves beyond recognition.

After a thorough examination, a skilled plastic surgeon should be able to quickly tell whether the patient is well-adjusted and realistic in their expectations, or if their desire for surgery masks a more serious psychological problem, at which point, surgery should not be performed.

If you are considering plastic surgery in New York, Dr. Grossman will gladly speak with you and help you explore and choose the right plastic surgery treatments that would most flatter your unique features and enhance your natural beauty.

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