Couples Plastic Surgery is the Latest Hot Trend

Couples Plastic Surgery is the Latest Hot Trend

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Many of us have heard of mother-daughter plastic surgery, where a mom and her daughter can undergo a cosmetic surgery or beautification treatment together and share in the experience. But now, there’s a new trend circling the nation. A number of couples are deciding to have plastic surgery treatments together, but what could this mean for the future of surgical experiences?

They say that the key to a happy marriage is undergoing new experiences together, and that’s precisely what some couples are doing these days with their duo surgeries. Although it seems like a relatively new craze, statistics have shown that the trend is not only an existing one, but is actually increasing at a rapid rate.  In the past five years alone, couples plastic surgery has gone up by 30 percent, and is only expected to keep increasing in popularity.

So how do these couples treatments work? It’s a fairly simple process. A couple will come in requesting a procedure or multiple procedures. One partner will undergo their treatment first, then the other. The appeal lies in the fact that the partner who has not yet undergone surgery will help their spouse through the recovery process. Then, when it’s that partner’s turn to go into surgery, their recovered spouse will take care of them in turn.

But while spouses are able to care for each other following the surgeries, what exactly accounts for the rise in these couples procedures?

Though plastic surgery had long been regarded as a women’s decision, an increasing number of men are going under the knife to turn back the hands of time or to just feel more confident in their physiques. The stigma for men to get cosmetic work done has been lifted, so a greater number of men are not as apprehensive about admitting they want to undergo an aesthetic treatment.

It is also a lot more reassuring for men to know they can go through the process with their significant other, who will understand exactly what they are going through. This creates a common bond for couples, strengthening their relationship.

Plus, the couples treatments are also beneficial because both partners get to look and feel their best. If one spouse goes in for a rejuvenation treatment, the other is likely to want to put their best face forward as well.  Just ask the Almeas couple, who decided to undergo revitalizing treatments together and have shared their amazing story with TODAY.

“I think it’s a great experience to grow younger together,” explained Ira Almeas, who had Botox, fillers and laser treatments with his wife Roberta in 2011.

The happily married pair wanted to look their best and gain a sense of youthfulness, so they opted to get cosmetic treatments together and are completely satisfied with the results.

“We feel a little bit more refreshed, a little bit more energy, and it’s just another part of our life together that we’re sharing,” added Almeas.

The Almeas couple isn’t the only pair to opt for duo-treatment. Dr. Leonard Grossman, a New York Plastic Surgeon, has been treating an increasing number of spouses and couples who come in for treatments together.  And it is not just the non-invasive procedures anymore. Dr. Grossman has developed and applied many of his techniques in body contouring, where the couple can have the treatment on the same day and both partners can return to work the very next day after surgery, thus minimizing time lost from work. This approach lets the couples save lost time from work and most importantly allows them to use vacation time for vacation and fun, not recuperating together.

According to Grossman, the most common combination of procedures consists of abdominal etching for the man and a breast augmentation or a Brazilian Butt Lift for the woman.

If you have considered getting plastic surgery with your partner or just want to look 10 years younger and fresher in a matter of minutes, Dr. Grossman will be happy to provide you with a consultation to discuss your ideal treatments. The office can be contacted by calling 212-585-2133.

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