Celebrities Taking Pro-Plastic Surgery Stance

Celebrities Taking Pro-Plastic Surgery Stance

Plastic Surgery Stance | Dr. Leonard Grossman M.D. | NY

There was a time when plastic surgery patrons concealed the truth about their youthful appearance. However, those days are long gone. An increasing number of people are turning to plastic surgery and are not embarrassed to admit it. Both men and women of all ages are realizing not only the cosmetic benefits that follow a treatment, but also, the medical benefits many of these procedures provide.

Though many celebs still try to hide the fact they’ve had work done, many are now being open and honest about their procedures and some, like Christie Brinkley, are admitting that while they may not have undergone any treatments yet, they are not opposed to dabbling in cosmetic surgery in the future if need be.

Christie Brinkley may have just turned 60 earlier this month, but the blonde bombshell doesn’t look a day over 30. Sure, some people may just be blessed with wonderful genetics, but Brinkley knows she will not look this amazing forever. In an interview with People magazine, Brinkley opened up about her beauty secrets and her opinions on plastic surgery.
“I’d never say never to plastic surgery,” admitted Brinkley. “But there are so many other non-invasive choices that address sagging, wrinkling and discoloration.”

The world of plastic surgery is moving toward becoming less invasive every day. Botox, facial fillers, and microdermabrasion are all considered cosmetic treatments that are non-invasive and yield incredible results for patients of all ages. Even cheek and chin implants can be performed using only facial fillers, which can also be used to completely change the appearance of the face if necessary.  As the New York Plastic Surgeon and the inventor of the “nose job in the bottle”, Dr. Leonard Grossman says that proper use of fillers can change almost any part of the face or body to the effect desired by his patients.

Grossman has examined a series of Brinkley’s photographs over the years and is convinced that the “ageless beauty” has had well done fat transfer procedures, which he by the way favors over the traditional face lift in patients who have maintained consistent weight over their lifetime.

Brinkley alleges she has not had plastic surgery, and attributes her youthful appearance to “special facials” she gets once a month to smooth out wrinkles. However, reports circulated back in 2010 claiming Brinkley got a facelift the day before her daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, got a nose job. Joel confirmed she had Rhinoplasty to allegedly treat a deviated septum, but Brinkley wasn’t as candid.
Her reps say Brinkley is flattered when rumors fly around that she’s had some work done, but even if she did, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. There comes a point that no matter how much exercise, healthy nutrition, anti-aging creams, or other regimens we turn to, we just can’t fight the natural process of aging.
Many people look to celebs for inspiration, and they might see a beautiful woman like Brinkley say that all she does is eat well, exercise and take care of her skin. They may get a false sense of hope from this and feel dejected when the same approach doesn’t work for them.
Cosmetic treatments were created to help individuals feel more confident and content with their appearance. One might say that there’s really not much difference between having a short 15-minute session of Botox once every 4 to 6 months as opposed to spending thousands of dollars on “beauty” creams that may not even work.

Either way, Brinkley looks amazing and we hope to keep seeing her look just as beautiful for years to come.

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