Man Gets 128 Plastic Surgeries

Man Gets 128 Plastic Surgeries

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Getting plastic surgery these days is no big deal. The stigma behind cosmetic enhancement has dissipated over the years, especially when it comes to male plastic surgery. A greater number of men are no longer afraid to admit they have gone under the knife to achieve greater definition in the abs through lipoetching, correct a nasal problem through Rhinoplasty, and even take years off their face with Botox. But there’s one man who seems to have taken the cake for most plastic surgeries – 128 to be precise. And he’s just 32 years old.

Known as The Human Ken Doll, Justin Jedlica is a self-professed “artist”.  Growing up in a strict family of Catholic and Slovak decent, Justin, the oldest of six children, was never really taught to think outside the box. But his own curiosity led him to become fascinated with art, specifically, with the art of the human body.

He developed a great interest in Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures, which embodied the typical idea of beauty. Justin was also intrigued by celebrities including Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Donald Trump, all of which helped create his unique sense of style. Pretty soon, Justin knew with certainty that he wanted to have cosmetic surgery.

Before graduating high school, Justin was already researching what would be his first of many cosmetic procedures – Rhinoplasty. His family was not supportive of his decision to get surgery, but that didn’t deter the 18-year-old.  Four days after his birthday, Justin began his self-reconstruction process, a goal which has become a journey to be the “most optimal version” of himself.

Though criticized by many for having undergone so many plastic surgery treatments, Justin shrugs off the complaints and explains the entire process is cathartic for him. He was recently interviewed by HuffPost Live and discuss his road to aesthetic perfection and the sacrifices he made to get there.

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During the interview, Justin explained he did whatever he could to save up money for his surgeries. Coming from a lower-income household, it wasn’t easy for young model to scrounge up the cash he needed for his treatments, but his desire to achieve the perfect look fueled his fire to keep persevering.

“It was something that for me was important, so I was always very frugal,” said Justin, explaining how he would literally pinch pennies to save up for his procedures.

But even when he saved up enough money to get his surgical procedures, he still faced criticism from society and even plastic surgeons, who were not keen on altering so many of this young man’s features.

“It was also difficult to get doctors on the same page as me being a young male looking for something that was maybe a bit more feminine and definitely a bit more over-stylized,” said Justin.

But these days, stereotypes aren’t something Justin needs to worry about. Here in the Big Apple, NY plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman has seen his fair share of male plastic surgery patients who have sought procedures from gynecomastia surgery to calf implants and especially lipoetching, which Dr. Grossman initiated.

Anyone who has considered plastic surgery should never have to worry about what society might think. If you have given the idea or consideration and are confident in what you want, you should never let society tell you how to think or feel. You should still have a healthy mind and body for optimal results in plastic surgery.

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