Cellulite, a word that instills the fear, the shivers and absolute horror

Cellulite, a word that instills the fear, the shivers and absolute horror

Cellulite | Dr. Leonard Grossman M.D. | NY

What is cellulitis? Cellulite is not a disease, its a condition that is observed in the skin of primarily females, even though it does rarely occur in men. The condition is observed as dimples in the skin and is associated with “cottage cheese appearance” on the thighs and abdomen as a rule.  Most of the time these dimples or indentations are on the smaller size, just a few millimeters in diameter and sometimes they can be as large as a few inches across. Regardless of the size, the cellulite looks the worst under the lights or in the bright sunlight. 

What is cellulitis?  It is not an illness, it is simply a condition with which the person is born and typically genetic in nature. The condition is nothing more than an anatomic disorder, where the skin happens to be slightly thinner than in the rest of the body, in addition to which there is a small tether which is attached to the central portion of cellulite dimples and this tether goes all the way down to the layer of muscle fascia. This little tether is pulling on the skin and is not allowing the skin to pop up and. This is exactly why the cellulite appears to be worse in some positions versus others. 

In order to “treat this condition” many devices have been designed, which supposedly release that little tether, however what many have not realized, that that the dimple itself needs to be filled out because there is a lack or a void created in that area. Voids are not tolerated in nature, and before you know it, the cellulitis returns after the treatment even though it may take a few months to do so. What is unfortunate that the condition is infrequently worse than before the treatment.  Creams, vacuum massages claim to help the condition, but these are only the claims. Bottom line: none of them work, at least not long enough to enjoy the moment.

Contrary to common belief and the selling point of many establishments “treating cellulite”,  there are no toxic elements in the skin which is riddled with cellulite. So all of these detoxification treatment simply don’t work. What one sees after these multiple wraps and creams his slight improvement which occur simply because of a chemical reaction which makes the skin simply swell. One can achieve the same effect by doing a small amount of slapping or spanking in the area thereby increasing the blood flow to the skin and making the skin swell. 

Over the last 20 years I have been using only one method which does appear to help cellulitis and helps it with permanent results. 

Using this technology I have been able to help a multitude of celebrities and regular people alike. The method, which is not cheap and extremely time consuming, involves number releasing the tether with a specialized micro-knife which leaves no perceptible scarring whatsoever and filling out the area that is now an empty space under the skin with the patient’s own fat, which is enriched with the patients own stem cells.. 

I will not dwell on the details of the technique as it is proprietary.  The procedure can easily take one hour or much more, depending on the severity of the condition and the number of dimples. The patients can always return to work the following day, unless of course you have to go in front of a camera. There will be slight bruising, but the discomfort is minimal and requires no pain medications.

The majority of patients quickly enjoy their new look and the new body, which they can show off on the beach, at home or in front of the camera.

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