Tummy Tuck Surgery: What You Need to Know

Tummy Tuck Surgery: What You Need to Know

Tummy Tuck Surgery | Dr. Leonard Grossman M.D. | NY

Kim Zolciak has been inundating the media with selfies revealing the results of her recent tummy tuck. Shortly after giving birth to her twins, Zolciak had a mommy makeover tummy tuck. The Examiner explains that Zolciak’s new look wasn’t due entirely to plastic surgery, but also due to persistence and a diet regimen that allowed her to lose 50 pounds. Discipline, diet, and plastic surgery clearly produce results!

A tummy tuck can remove excess fat and skin and allow you to have the firm and toned stomach you’ve always dreamed about. People lose tone in their abdomens due to the natural aging process, pregnancy, changes in weight, or just due poor genetic makeup. But, before you rush out to have your tummy tuck, there are some things you should know.

First off, as Kim Zolciak explained, a tummy tuck won’t replace a good regimen of diet and exercise. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons explains that the procedure is not a substitute for natural weight loss. Additionally, a tummy tuck is not quite appropriate for women who plan to become pregnant again. Finally, a tummy tuck won’t remove all of the stretch marks. The ideal tummy tuck candidate is a person who has achieved a near or ideal weight, has realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery, and doesn’t smoke.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. a Brooklyn plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the field explains that women are the main clients for the tummy tuck procedure. The procedure is usually used by women who have had children and who want to remove excess skin in the abdomen following post-pregnancy weight loss. Other candidates for the procedure are men and women who lost significant weight either naturally or through bariatric surgery.

The abdominoplasty procedure also tightens the abdominal muscles, allowing the area to look more naturally toned and flat as well as a smaller waistline.

When men have tummy tuck procedures performed, they generally won’t have their abdominal muscles tightened. The procedure can eliminate the excess skin that remains following significant weight loss.

Post-operative methodology is important in determining good outcomes.

Dr. Grossman does not use drain tubes and hasn’t used them in 18 years. He explains that this reduces the chance of infection following surgery as well as eliminates a chance of the tube snagging.

Dr. Grossman also explains that patients can often resume near normal life activities within a week following surgery. While he prescribes pain medication, he finds that many patients wake up the next morning after surgery not needing the medication.

If you think a tummy tuck might be the solution to excess skin in your abdominal area, it is important to find a skilled plastic surgeon with whom to discuss your health and aesthetic goals. Dr. Leonard Grossman has years of experience helping patients achieve satisfactory results with minimal pain and recovery time. The success of tummy tuck procedure is largely contingent on the skill and experience of the doctor performing the surgery. If you believe that a tummy tuck procedure is the right choice for you, contact Dr. Grossman’s office today to learn more and schedule your initial consultation.

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