Youth Goes Under the Knife: Celebrities Who Had Plastic Surgery Before 25

Youth Goes Under the Knife: Celebrities Who Had Plastic Surgery Before 25

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For aging celebrities, plastic surgery can be a career-saver. Botox, face-lifts, fat transfers and fillers can help some aging faces retain that youthful and familiar glow. Breast lifts, implants, and liposuction can add years to a career.

Yet, celebrities are choosing to go under the knife at younger and younger ages—resulting in some major backlash from the media and from other celebrities themselves. The sheer number of younger stars choosing to go under the knife has many surgeons, parents, and individuals in the media asking—how young is too young? When is plastic surgery “appropriate?”

The reality is that Kylie Jenner is hardly the first celebrity to have plastic surgery at a young age.

According to the Toronto Sun, many respected celebrities chose to have plastic surgery at a young age, as well. For instance, Jennifer Aniston had a nose job in her twenties. Janet Jackson chose to have a nose job at the age of 16. And Michael Jackson had his first nose job at around age 21. Ashlee Simpson also had a nose job at 22.

While Britney Spears never admitted to having breast implants, “Rolling Stone” reported that Spears decided to undergo breast augmentation to meet cultural ideals of beauty and attractiveness. The increase in breast size definitely led to an increase in revenue. Spears topped the charts and became a brand in her own right. Britney Spears is not the only celebrity who chose to undergo breast augmentation at a young age. Jenny McCarthy had implants surgery at the age of 19 and Tori Spelling admitted to “Good Morning America” that she underwent breast augmentation in her early 20s.

Celebrity plastic surgery choices often mirror those of the general population. When it comes to plastic surgery among the very young, nose jobs are quite common, with reconstructive surgery for medical conditions also being common. Younger patients also request breast implants, but many doctors will not perform breast augmentation on young patients until after the breasts have fully developed.

Breast augmentation is real surgery and all the options should be weighed. Saline breast implants are F.D.A. approved for patients over age 18 and silicone is only F.D.A. approved for patients over 22. Fat Grafting to the breasts should not be considered until after 16 years of age.

While plastic surgery can be a life-affirming decision that leads to better self-esteem, patients should take the time to consider whether a given surgery is appropriate—and age is certainly one factor to take into account. Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. is a plastic surgeon in NYC who has performed countless plastic surgery procedures. While the celebrity trend to go under the knife at younger age is not likely to end anytime soon, Dr. Leonard Grossman only performs surgeries that are in the best interests of his patients. And even though an 18 year-old is legally an adult and can make the decision for themselves, Dr. Grossman feels that in the majority of cases the parents should be involved in the planning process. Discussing your aesthetic goals with a skilled plastic surgeon is a good idea before making any final decisions. And, for many younger patients—especially when it comes to breast implants—waiting a little longer can often lead to better outcomes.

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