Fitness Guru, Jillian Michaels Opens Up About How Her Nose Job Changed Her Life

Fitness Guru, Jillian Michaels Opens Up About How Her Nose Job Changed Her Life

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Jillian Michaels had a nose job at age 16.

While some might claim that this is too young for plastic surgery, Michaels recently revealed that having plastic surgery was an event that changed her life for the better. She emphatically told People magazine that having plastic surgery at a young age was an event she doesn’t regret.

She recently told People, “I had my nose done when I was 16 years old, and I’ll be honest, it did change my life.”

Michaels explains that she, like many, had been bullied as a kid. Yet, the nose job allowed her to gain the confidence to move forward and past a difficult time in her youth. She warned against plastic surgery addiction, urging people to do things in moderation. And, while she asserted that physical looks shouldn’t define who someone is, she did acknowledge that individuals can become deeply self-conscious about certain aspects of their appearance.

She told People that she wholeheartedly supported women who pursued things in their lives that made them feel more confident. And, Michaels asserted, if that thing happens to be plastic surgery, she urges women to go for it.

Even so, she explained that plastic surgery should be done for the right reasons.

According to Dr. Phil patients should take the time to carefully consider their reasons for undergoing any plastic surgery procedure. For instance, patients should ask themselves if their desire to have surgery stems from a genuine discomfort with one specific body part or whether the desire to have surgery stems from a general mode of thinking. While plastic surgery can increase a patient’s self-esteem, it won’t correct underlying negative patterns of thinking, nor can it address body image disorders. Patients who have a realistic expectation of what plastic surgery can and cannot do are in a position to move forward with their desired procedures.

Patients should also consider whether they are undergoing surgery for themselves or to please another person who believes they should be having the procedure. Having the right reasons when going into plastic surgery will increase the likelihood that you’ll be happy with your procedure and that your procedure will produce the physical and psychological results you want.

For Jillian Michaels, her nose job turned her life around. She explains that she weighed 175 pounds and felt highly self-conscious about her nose. Ultimately, Michaels explains that plastic surgery is a very “personal” decision that each individual must carefully weigh.

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