New Innovation Makes Breast Implants More Natural Looking

New Innovation Makes Breast Implants More Natural Looking

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New York, NY- As Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ,winds down, plastic surgeons all across the country are convening in New Orleans to share procedures and discuss new innovations in the field of plastic surgery and the focus of this conference will focus on breast implants and reconstruction.

The annual scientific conference for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is underway with close to 4,500 surgeons meeting to discuss successful techniques, new products and their success with breast augmentations and reconstruction.  Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the conference will spend today focusing on breast cancer survivors and breast reconstruction.

One product that will take center stage at the conference is a new type of silicone implants, nicknamed “gummy bear implants”. This new type of implant has been available in Europe and Brazil for a few years, but they just got FDA, approval in March of this year. You can find out more about the breast implants here.

The new implants are unique in that they retain their shape because they are made of high-density silicone gel that keeps its shape even when cut or torn. Unlike traditional silicone implants, these new gel implants won’t leak or rupture.

In addition to preventing future problems, these gel implants also have a more natural look and feel. They give surgeons the opportunity to tailor breast implants to better accommodate her shape and height so they look like the breast nature intended a woman to have.

If you have thought about having breast implants, but have been reluctant because they didn’t look or feel natural enough, you don’t have to wait any longer. Dr. Leonard Grossman, an accomplished New York plastic surgeon has worked with the new gel implants. Call him at (252)585-2133 to set up a consultation and discuss how he will enhance your appearance.

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