Most Men prefer heels

Most Men prefer heels

Most Men prefer heels

Most men and even the mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg prefers women who wear heels and we mean high heels. There are however many, if not the majority of women who simply cannot wear high heel shoes. One of the most common reasons for that is a painful area of the toes and balls of feet which are deficient of the necessary fat padding. This is of course may create a great deal of pain and discomfort as well as embarrassment to such women. One can’t wear a pair of snickers or flats to a black tie affair or anything else festive.

An innovative procedure invented by Dr. Grossman over a decade and a half ago using injectable fillers can resolve that problem. Fillers, such as Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm replenish the padding which is missing this group of women. The procedure is quick and effective instantly. Patients can immediately and comfortably wear high heel shoes and the results are very long lasting.

Some of the patients, who are undergoing fat transfer procedures elsewhere on the body as in Brazilian Butt Lift or Breast Augmentation with Fat, will have fat pads added to the bottom of their feet and start enjoying high heels once again.

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