Conversations Men Should Have With Their Plastic Surgeons

Conversations Men Should Have With Their Plastic Surgeons

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Every year more men are choosing to go under the knife, or to seek out a plastic surgeon for non-surgical enhancements. According to the Fashion Times, fat removal procedures are among the top procedure of choice for men. Fashion Times reports that the top five procedures are hair replacement, non-surgical fat removal, blepharoplasty, male breast reduction, and rhinoplasty. Abdominal etching ( is also a  very popular procedure. During this procedure, a plastic surgeon carefully sculpts the fat in the abdominal region to create a better defined looking abdominal muscles and other muscle groups if requested.  

Because plastic surgery is a medical procedure that requires the care of a doctor, men who are considering plastic surgery should take the time to speak to their doctors and ask specific questions before moving forward with any surgery. 

For instance, if you’re considering Botox, it is always a good idea to ask your doctor how many years he or she has been performing injections. Many doctors will also have photos documenting their results. Ask to see results before booking your first injection. Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. for instance, has received Patients’ Choice Awards and has been performing Botox injections for two decades. In fact Dr. Grossman’s experience is so great that he teaches other physicians on how and where to use Botox. 

According to Real Selfpatients should seek out a doctor who is a good listener—one who is compassionate, but also critical. For instance, a plastic surgeon can let patients know whether they’re doing too little or too much with a given procedure depending on their body type. A good plastic surgeon will offer you honest feedback on ones esthetic goals and will carefully and realistically assess the risks of a given procedure. Determining the best kind of modifications to perform is an art form. You should want a surgeon who has a track record of excellent results and who is confident enough to tell you what he or she thinks will work best for you. Sometimes your doctor will even offer a better alternative to your procedure of choice. 

Men who are considering plastic surgery may also want to take the time to become informed about the risks, effectiveness, and recovery times for the kind of procedure they are interested in having. Going into an initial consultation with some information will help you have a more helpful conversation with your doctor. 

Ask to have a tour of the doctor’s office and operating rooms to make sure that equipment is clean, professional, and that your doctor is using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment. For instance, Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D., a plastic surgeon in New York City, who performs transumbilical breast augmentation, a procedure which allows women to have larger breasts, yet without the visible scars and superior results. Over the last 19 years Dr. Grossman has performed the most of such procedures.  

While men won’t likely be seeking out this procedure anytime soon, the procedure requires more sophisticated training to perform and can in fact be used for pectoral implant surgery which men do seek. Dr. Grossman clearly has taken the time to stay up-to-date on modern procedures and can offer his patients—both men and women—modern techniques.
Organic Plastic Surgery which Dr. Grossman has invented allows both, men and women change the appearance of the face and body, yet without the scars and no recuperation typically needed in traditional plastic surgery. End result is a permanent and natural improvement. 

For more and more men, plastic surgery offers an edge—on the dating scene and in the workplace. As the world becomes more competitive, more men are choosing to undergo plastic and cosmetic surgery. For many, surgery can produce great results. Many report high satisfaction ratings and increased self-esteem following such surgery. 

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