Brotox: Botox Becomes Increasingly Popular for Men

Brotox: Botox Becomes Increasingly Popular for Men

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Magazines like GQ report that more men are choosing to have Botox performed. Since 2000, the number of men who have had Botox has increased by 310 percent, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Why has Botox become so popular for men?

Opinions vary, but likely reasons include the ease with which the procedure is performed, the fact that it requires no recovery; the treatment does not interfere with the activities, the results are natural and subtle if desired and there is wider cultural acceptance of Botox. Additionally, men find themselves in a workforce that increasingly values appearance and youth. In order to compete with younger men entering the workforce, men use Botox to maintain that youthful glow.

Cosmopolitan jokingly warns women to look out, because the men are coming to get their beauty secrets.

Botox hasn’t just become popular for the New York stockbroker who wants to maintain youthful appearance, but celebrities have also joined the fashion trend. Simon Cowell, the former American Idol host explained that Botox has become a part of his regular routine.

Men’s Fitness also weighs in on Botox for men. Many men who have had the procedure report feeling younger, better, more confident, and many men feel that it helps them to beat out the competition in the workplace and on the dating scene.

Part of the trend may have to do with the fact that studies show that the more attractive people make more money, as well as they are more likely to get hired when looking for a job. With the job market being so competitive, men feel the increased pressure to put their best face forward. In order to do this, they may elect to have Botox.

Botox is considered a safe and effective method to treat fine lines and wrinkles that can make a man’s face look older than it is or just plain stressed out or even angry.

Of course, men should make sure they do their research before they go out and get Botox. Speaking to an experienced plastic surgeon, who can offer aesthetic and medical advice is very important. A mans needs for Botox differ from the female requirements.

For instance, men may not choose to treat fine lines around their eyes because culturally, having a few lines contributes to what many consider a “manly” look. Men may use Botox to treat forehead wrinkles or the frown lines. A doctor who is experienced with male patients can help you determine a course of treatment that will result in the best overall look.

Ideal candidates for “Brotox” are male patients with realistic expectations who have a desire to eliminate some of the facial wrinkles. Your doctor should take into account your medical history, muscle mass in the face, muscle fiber pattern, and facial hair.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, M.D. is one of the most skilled plastic surgeon in Brooklyn who has refined the fine art of Botox injections. He has been performing the procedure longer than many doctors in the US. Dr. Grossman has been saying for a very long time that Botox doesn’t just make a man look more relaxed, it makes him feel more secure and less stressed. For men who perspire heavily, the condition can treated with Botox as well, creating dry underarms under any kind of pressure. Men with wider lower faces and big chewing muscles can have their face redefined and brought in to better balance with a simple Botox treatment.

If you’re interested in having Botox performed in Brooklyn or Manhattan, contact Dr. Leonard Grossman today to learn how Botox can provide you with that competitive edge and get you looking your very best.

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